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Wisefund - Lend to trusted businesses and earn high returns. Your life. Your money. Balance both. Bridging Lenders vs Borrowers where businesses get to reach their goals, while investors make a return and a difference by lending to them. Start investing Apply for funding Time to Surpass Wisefund to the P2P Graveyard. Wisefund became an extremely risky investment as soon as COVID-19 struck Europe and the world and was put on pressure from investors. But many of their projects lacked necessary information for the serious investor long before that. In fact, Wisefund shared many similarities with the Envestio scam Wisefund is one of Europe's P2P lending platforms where our lenders are providing business loans to European SMEs across multiple sectors of the economy. We allow our lenders to make a difference to businesses and earn better interest rates while businesses are free to keep their focus where it should be: ­on growing their business WiseFund is a p2b crowdlending platform based in Tallinn, Estonia. The platform was founded recently in March 2019, but its management has years of experience in finance. WiseFund offers loan deals from all over Europe for investment

Wisefund - Lend to trusted businesses and earn high return

WISEFUND Review: Peer to Peer Lending group page. WISEFUND is a business crowdfunding company with registration in Estonia that began its journey in March 2019 , accumulating today - despite its youth - almost 300 active investors receiving an average close to 19% net return. The portal is open for international investors. Founded: 2019 Origin: Estonia Buyback guarantee: Yes Secondary Market. Kredit von Wisefund: 30.09.2019 Microbiological Fertiliser Manufacture/ Organic fertiliser manufacture (1.150.000 Euro early exit fee 20%, 629/ 680 investoren) Erste Runde: 650.000 (629 Investoren) zweite runde 500.000 (680 investoren) Vermutung: 1 Mann firma Adresse:? 71-75 Shelton street Gegründet 21/06/2019 Latvian, mit 1GBP valu Wisefund News / By Wisefund Guest-post about peer-to-peer lending definition <- Link to original peer-to-peer lending definition P2P lending, otherwise known as peer-to-peer lending, is a system that connects lenders and borrowers by eliminating middlemen like banks Wisefund is a newly founded P2P lending platform that offers investors the opportunity to invest in high-yielding business loans from all over Europe. On average, investors earn 18% interest per year. Wisefund was only launched in 2019; however, since then, it managed to attract more than 2,100 investors. Wisefund has lost the trust of investors as it failed to honor the buyback guarantee. Mein Blog über P2P Kredite: https://p2pinvesting.eu/ Derzeitiges monatliches Einkommen durch P2P Lending & Dividenden: 612,33€ (Stand: 1.6.2020

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Fragen zum Investieren in P2P-Kredite? Mehr als 2000 Anleger diskutieren zum Thema. Erfahrungen, Anbieter, Probleme, Tipps. Komm vorbei Wisefund is not declared bankrupt, and any further disputes are suggested to be resolved outside the bankruptcy proceedings as the judge did not find any of accusations valid within bankruptcy petition. Yes, loans are late, there are many uncertainties, but all provided proofs (all of them questionable and superficial, to say the least) did not resolve being eligible for further actions of bankruptcy. The petitioners were also obliged to partially cover legal costs accrued to. Wisefund fees; Just like other P2P lending sites, Wisefund does not charge any fees on investors. The company earns its profits through the commission received after a project has received full funding. Withdrawing funds; The withdrawal process on Wisefund is quite seamless. You only have to click on the withdraw button, input the amount that you want to withdraw, and you receive your money. This is Wisefund business - to create platform which works smoothly like an engine and allows borrower benefit in creating business on funds that are acquired from the crowd who in turn gets higher interests than bank deposits can offer. You are misleading by saying Paysera opening is easy. Try to open account for Crowdfunding business with Paysera or any other payment service provider and/or bank. Revolut even doesn't accept it through their terms, Transferwise abandoned it.

I recently made two new additions to my P2P portfolio, Monethera and Wisefund. I was intrigued by the high interest rates of up to 21% per year, combined with the buyback guarantee. However, since both Monethera and Wisefund are still very young, I decided to only invest 500€ into each for now. Before I consider increasing my investments there, I would first like to see if interest as well. Wisefund bietet eine hübsche Webseite und es wirkt alles etwas professioneller als bei anderen neuen Plattformen desselben Kalibers. Auch die 10€ Mindestinvest sind super. Aber das mag vielleicht nur meine persönliche Meinung sein. Fakt ist, es ist eine neue Plattform, die sich wie immer erst beweisen muss. Ein vollständiges Fazit kann also erst gezogen werden, wenn es auch mal Ausfälle zu beklagen gibt. Erst dann wissen wir, ob die Rückkaufgarantie wirklich so gut greift oder z. B.

Wisefund facilitates crowdfunding in the area of business lending at a minimum investment of €10, although every loan has its own minimum investment amount. The platform offers financing to European SMEs companies for working capital, acquisition, and business development among others. Wisefund was founded in 2019 by Olga Bobrova as an Estonian company. The headquarter and company is located. Zehn Voraussagen über die Entwicklung im P2P-Kreditmarkt 2020. Ich möchte die neue Dekade zum Anlass nehmen, einmal die Glaskugel hervorzuholen um die Entwicklung im P2P-Kreditmarkt 2020 anzuschauen. Dieser Artikel stellt zehn Voraussagen auf, womit wir in Bezug auf Plattformen, Anbahner, Zinsniveau und Umfeld im Jahr 2020 rechen können


  1. Wisefund has been recently reviewed by P2P income, a peer-to-peer lending investment blog. Post navigation ← Previous Post. Next Post → Mintos. Finbee. Axiafunder. Debitum Network. Lastest News. 5 Fragen an Rendity-Mitarbeiterinnen rund um das Thema Geldanlage May 20, 2021; 8 good reasons for investing in real estate May 20, 2021; €10M in Monthly Investments on the Horizon? May 20, 2021.
  2. dest auf dem Papier die Buyback-Garantie. Dafür kannst Du bei 50 Euro deutlich weniger streuen. Auf dieser Basis kannst Du dann eine Entscheidung treffen
  3. Guida completa passo-passo per investire su Wisefund senza sbagliare. La registrazione del tuo profilo da investitore, la verifica dell'identità, l'aggiunta.
  4. Peer-to-peer lending or Crowdlending, also abbreviated as P2P lending, is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services that match lenders with borrowers. Wisefund occupies the part where businesses borrow funds from multiple lenders via Internet for certain purposes, either project development with clear.
  5. Wisefund announces that it will provide an option to get financial support via crowdfunding loans for small businesses across Europe seeing a reduction in revenue because of Coronavirus and restrictions imposed due to it
  6. I'm considering starting my P2P portfolio in a few months and they may be one of the providers i'm interested in. I am happy to use a referral link to help this blog out. Angelo says: February 11, 2020 at 19:01. Hi Adam, yes, I've seen that. I noticed new users can get a 10€ bonus that way. My only issue is that I want to keep investment accounts and referrals separate, as I want the.
  7. Bulkestate is a real estate crowdfunding and group buying platform. Invest in peer to peer (P2P) property loans online

P2P Kredite Erfahrungen: Wie ich heute 10.000 EUR in P2P Kredite investieren würde. Vor ca. 2 Jahren erblickte einer der erfolgreichsten Beiträge auf diesem Blog das Licht der Welt, der auch schon fleißig kopiert wurde Es ging damals um meine P2P Kredite Erfahrungen und wie ich zum damaligen Zeitpunkt 10.000 EUR in P2P Kredite anlegen. Onventis is the spend management platform for digital transformation of source-to-pay. Discover how Onventis can help you to optimize your purchasing process and save cost

WiseFund Review - P2P Incom

  1. Wisefund Review: Peer-to-Peer Marketplace With 18% APR. Wisefund is a relatively new European peer to peer lending marketplace. The company was started in 2019 by Olga Bobrova and is headquartered in Estonia. The goal of the company is to help other companies raise capital from a pool of online lenders. Another goal is to help investors make.
  2. Schlagwort-Archive: Wisefund P2P Deep Dive 4 - Scam Update - gierige Affiliate Blogger - Crowdestor Kritik. Schreibe eine Antwort. Im Rahmen dieses Podcasts möchte ich mit Dirk & Philipp einzelne Themen und vor allem die Schattenseiten eines P2P Investments deutlich mehr vertiefen als ich das sonst im P2P Cafe mit Lars tue. Eineinhalb Stunden für drei große Themen erwarten euch.
  3. ating middlemen like banks. This type of lending is mainly done online, and those sites that facilitate it have significantly increased in number as most individuals and businesses adopt it as a way to get financing. The first peer-to-peer lending platform, known as prosper, was.
  4. 2019-11-14 11_06_33-Wisefund Veröffentlicht 14. Investitionen in P2P-Kredite unterliegen einem hohen Risiko! Beachte bitte meinen Haftungsausschluss. Ich betreibe keinerlei Anlageberatung und spreche keine Empfehlungen aus. Auf fast allen P2P Plattformen, über die ich berichte, bin ich selbst investiert. Alle Angaben erfolgen ohne Gewähr. Entwicklungen der Vergangenheit sind kein.
  5. $Wisefund lawsuit has been covered by the press : rus.delfi.ee/statja/93484427/investory-portala-wisefund-kotorye-schitayut-sebya-zhertvami-moshennichestva-proigrali.
  6. Kommen wir zu einem Alleinstellungsmerkmal von Wisefund, nämlich dem Mindestinvestment. Wo bei anderen Crowdfunding-Plattformen 50€ bzw. 100€ investiert werden müssen, ist dies auf Wisefund bereits ab 10€ möglich. Weiterhin gibt es auch ein Maximalinvestment, nämlich 10% der Finanzierungssumme. Das kannte ich bis dato so auch nicht
  7. wisefund crowdfunding 10 euro interview it's time again and I've launched another crowdfunding test balloon. I actually wanted to start consolidating my platforms. Well, that have to wait. So let's move on to my latest investment on Wisefund Capital where crowdfunding is possible from with only 10€. You will find an interview later in the.

Wisefund review, a high yield P2P lending platform live-of

Brand new marketplace, domiciled in Estonia, Team in Latvia, Bank account in Hungary ;) Interest rates around 19% for current projects. Best comparable to envestio/monethera/kuetzal in my opin Questionable platforms - avoid or learn about P2P risks the hard way. Platform JX HQ Regulated Lawsuit Current Status; Kuetzal: No: Active: Shut down on Jan 12th, 2020. Declared bankrupt on June 8th, 2020. Envestio: No: Active : Shut down on Jan 21st, 2020. Declared bankrupt on June 3rd, 2020. Monethera: No: Active: Shut down on Mar 27th, 2020. Declared bankrupt on August 11th, 2020. WiseFund. Wisefund is a new and potentially promising p2p business lending platform from Estonia. With an average interest rate of 18.77% on its loans, it promises its investors good returns. The company was founded only in March 2019, and as of August, it has around 300 investors who invested a bit over 100.000 EUR on the platform Leih Deiner Umwelt Geld . Kensington Crow Bondora Buyback Envestio Estateguru Fastinvest Features Grupeer Lendermarket Liquidität Mintos Mogo monethera P2P-Markt Peerberry Portfolio Risiken Scam Sekundärmarkt Tipps Transparenz Viainvest Viventor Wisefund Zinssat

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  1. Wisefund review; About; P2P BONUSES. P2P BONUSES; BONUS & CASHBACK There are plenty of P2P lending platforms that offer new sign-up bonuses for investors or cashback offers. It is a profitable thing to get bonuses and invest at the same time, to increase the yield. I will follow and list the P2P bonuses. The blog contains affiliate links. If you click on the links and decide to invest in these.
  2. Crowdlending Forum - Your best p2p investment source. Welcome to the Crowdlending Global Forum. Ask anything! Find Unbiased discussions about peer-to-peer lending, platforms, projects and other investments. Start a Discussion
  3. Reaktionen von Wisefund und Monethera. Auch die Reaktionen von Wisefund und Monethera, ebenfalls estnische Plattformen, haben es in sich. Dieser haben angekündigt die Rückkaufgarantie vorzeitig auszusetzen. Was wirtschaftlich wohl vernünftig ist, damit man nicht ebenfalls sofort an die Wand fährt, ist auf der anderen Seite ein deutlicher Fingerzeig, dass jetzt viele Alarmsignale bei.
  4. This immediately forced two sites, Monethera, and Wisefund (not listed on Explore P2P) to disclose that they did not have sufficient funds to meet the redemption requests. Both sites said that they would refuse to honour any early redemption requests for the foreseeable future. The statement from Wisefund was particularly strange. It had promoted the early exit facility as a benefit for.

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  1. P2P Kredite Anbieter verfügen im Gegensatz zu Banken über keine Einlagensicherung. Es muss damit gerechnet werden, dass Kredite von den Kreditnehmern nicht zurückgezahlt werden können und das investierte Geld damit verloren ist. Selbst die Rückkaufgarantien mancher Anbieter können nicht vollständig schützen, da auch der Garantiegeber insolvent gehen kann. Hohe Rendite = hohes Risiko.
  2. Even though my blog is called P2P Investing Europe, I'm a strong believer in diversification. That's why like every month so far in 2021, I'm using these monthly updates to share with you how all of my investments performed. These don't only include P2P lending, but also Read More Portfolio Update - My Investments in 2021 (March) Portfolio Update - My Investments in 2021.
  3. P2P XIRR Rendite Sieger & Portfolio Erfahrungen Top 3 Envestio 20%, Monethera 17 %, Wisefund 16 % ,Monethera mein Neueinsteiger die ersten 7 von 21 Plattformen von mir im Kurzdurchlauf mit News, Status und aktueller Rendite #Mintos #Estateguru #LinkedFinance #Exporo #Crowdestor #finbe
  4. ute read. Up-to-date results on my p2p journey, monthly updated. Total results for all platforms and total by platform
  5. o effect on the P2P market in the weeks to come. Wisefund is already in deep water with poor transparency, many loans hovering around 19% interest rate, and non-transparent borrowers (like the one-man company KRM Services LTD on a virtual London address). Investors have put Wisefund under heavy strain with a wave of early-exit requests. Wisefund have.

Viel zu spät kommt das #P2P Portfolio-Update für den März. Aber durch neuen Job und Hosterwechsel war da echt wenig Zeit. Das April-Update kommt.. P2P INVEST. Investiții în împrumuturi peer to peer (P2P lending) Meniu Home; Platforme P2P. Sumar portofoliu; Crowdestate; Crowdestor; Envestio; Mintos; Fast Invest; PeerBerry; Transfer de bani. Wise (ex-TransferWise) Paysera; Glosar; Blogroll; Despre; Calculator dobândă; Publicat pe 15 aprilie 2021 15 aprilie 2021 de p2p. Actualizare Wisefund - martie 2021. Valoare cont: 102,47. 30.10.2019 - P2P XIRR Rendite Sieger & Portfolio Erfahrungen Top 3 Envestio 20%, Monethera 17 %, Wisefund 16 % ,Die ersten 7 Plattformen Kurzdurchlauf mit News, Status und Rendit Aug 13, 2019 - Alternative investments blog: p2p lending, real estate crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, corporate bonds

In which p2p segment are the money from your account invested, how does Iban Wallet generate an income for your intrests? No clue. And even the behaviour is unpredictable. It happened twice to me that my account has been suddenly blocked, with no previous warning. If you ask why, then you follow my questions I forwarded immediatelly to iban wallet. What was their automatic-like answer? We. Wisefund's mission is to create a new investment model and empower people. We believe that passion and profit are not mutually exclusive. Wisefund provides fair access to anyone who wants to use their money to empower a company or leader they believe in. It's all about the opportunity to take part in the future and share in the wealth and success of companies whose mission you believe in Wisefund has been recently reviewed by P2P income, a peer-to-peer lending investment blog. 4 Reasons to Invest in Business Loans. For plenty of entrepreneurs who mean to secure the ownership of their business, the immediate choice for funding is almost always a business loan. Repayment terms are often simpler as well, and loans simply offer that inimitable convenience and security that not a.

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WISEFUND Review: Peer to Peer Lending - Global P2P Lendin

Wisefund Capital. 730 likes · 1 talking about this. Invest in your financial freedom. Marketplace of investment opportunities from verified businesses that pay off high annual returns Angemeldet bleiben Bei öffentlichen Computern nicht empfohlen. Anonym anmelden. Anmelden. Passwort vergessen

These platforms are TFGCrowd, Wisefund, The Many, EthicHub, Lendino, Lendy and RateSetter. Key highlights: What happened in P2P finance last month? We recorded a total funding volume of €434.5m in May 2021. Looking at the main currencies, the eurozone was the main growth area, while funding in GBP increased only slightly compared to a month ago and funding in other currencies decreased. Wisefund Review: Peer-to-Peer Marketplace With 18% APR. Wisefund is a relatively new European peer to peer lending marketplace. The company was started in 2019 by Olga Bobrova and is headquartered in Estonia. The goal of the company is to help other companies raise capital from a pool of online lenders. Another goal is to help investors make.

Schlagwort-Archive: Wisefund P2P Deep Dive 4 - Scam Update - gierige Affiliate Blogger - Crowdestor Kritik. Schreibe eine Antwort. Im Rahmen dieses Podcasts möchte ich mit Dirk & Philipp einzelne Themen und vor allem die Schattenseiten eines P2P Investments deutlich mehr vertiefen als ich das sonst im P2P Cafe mit Lars tue. Eineinhalb Stunden für drei große Themen erwarten euch. After the previous scam in P2P (Envestio, Kuetzal), there is another one Wisefund. The company is hiding behind all of the corona situation, therefore you would be unable to withdraw your money. Buyback guarantee? do not believe that, because investments are 3 months after the due date no update whatsoever... borrower's companies do not pay and Wisefund is explaining it by making up some excuses Diese Seite enthält eine Übersicht von P2P-Plattformen, deren Chance-Risiko-Profil ich empfehlenswert finde und bei denen ich auch persönlich investiert bin. Eine Anmeldung bei einer der unten stehenden Seiten hat zwei Vorteile. Zum einen unterstützt ihr damit diesen Blog. Zum anderen sichert Ihr Euch ein Cashback- bzw. Promo-Angebot, welches Eure Rendite erhöht. Ideale Plattform als.

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Average interest rate - maximum gets 10 points. Minimum gets 0. Rest get points in between spread proportionally. Invested volume (million of EUR) - 0 to 20 points based on current highest invested volume, rest get points in between spread proportionally. Buyback guarantee - 10 points if buyback guarantee is available.. Collateral, personal guarantees & other - 0 to 10 points are given. Hier geht es zur Folge Podcast auch auf Spotify, iTunes und Co verfügbar. Der Podcast lässt sich auch auf Spotify, Apple Podcasts und Co abonnieren, sodass man die neueste Folge nicht verpasst und diese einfach auf das Smartphone ausgeliefert wird. In der vorherigen Episode war Aufräumcoach Franziska Schmid zu Gast. Davor wurde mit den Rendity-Gründern Lukas Müller und Tobias Leodolter. Brickowner, Neofinance und TransferGo auf Seedrs. Momentan kann man sich an einigen p2p/crowdfunding Plattformen sowie Geldtransfer Unternehmen als Aktionär beteiligen. Ich gehe nachfolgend nur auf Brickowner, Neofinance und TransferGo ein. Es gibt noch weitere Pitches wie beispielsweise von Black Pearl, welche ich aber als überteuert anschaue EDIT: 24.01. 17:35 Further concerns surfaced about Wisefund, a company with a model that has similarities to Monethera. An investor claimed a borrower listed on Wisefund denies having asked for a loan . There is a statement that Wisefund gave to another investor as an explanation, which does not convince me personally. You can read about this here. EDIT 24.01. 18:03: J. V. (name shortened) on. ‎Gesprächsrunden rund um das Thema Geldanlage insbesondere in P2P Kredite & alternative Investments aber auch weit darüber hinaus. Wiege des P2P Deep Dives mit Dirk und Phillip und den P2P Legenden Podcats! P2P Deep Dive Im Rahmen dieses Podcasts beleuchte ich mit Dirk & Philipp einzelne (P2P) Inv

P2P Deep Dive 4 - Scam Update - Skrupellose Affiliate Blogger - Crowdestor Kritik By Thomas Butz. Natürlich den obligatorischen Status zu den immer mehr werdenden Scam Buden (Kuetzal, Monecera, Wisefund, Envestio, Agricab, Grupeer) Now I would like to focus on more P2P/Crowdfunding platforms with FCA regulated. Better than nothing. Maybe it is time to raise a fund of reclaiming investments because Monethera disabled the buyback function, and Wisefund on hold buybacks because of a lack of liquidity. It's now or never Lend - eine Schweizer p2p Plattform Die Plattform tritt als LEND in Erscheinung, dahinter steckt die Switzerlend AG mit Sitz in Zürich. Gegründet und geführt wird LEND von ehemaligen Bankern und Serial-Entrepreneuren, welche sich daran stören, dass ein Privatkredit immernoch fast 10 Prozent kostet, in einer Zeit wo Banken sich das Geld quasi gratis leihen können After a lot of thinking and research, I made a decision. I'm withdrawing my money from Envestio, Monethera and Wisefund. Important Update (January 26th) on E..

Wisefund is confident of its loan management system, the loan management process, the relationship with borrowers, the vast amount of work we've done within the team to create the onboarding process and keep it in terms with each application; we have a very strong loan agreement in place with borrowers, and there's never been intention from anyone of them to speculate and show signs of no. 10.12.2019 - Geldanlage mit #P2P Krediten Risiken Plattformen Neues dazu und Informationen wie man damit eine gute Rendite erwirtschaften kann. Weitere Ideen zu geldanlage, geld, plattform Wisefund; Rendity; Brickstarter; Bulkestate; FinBee; Monethera; Features of the ViaInvest Platform. Auto-invest; Just like other P2P platforms, ViaInvest provides its users with an auto investing tool that they can use to automate their investments. The tool is simple to use with a simple and clear user interface. When using the auto-invest tool, an investor can choose the type of loans and. Für mich als risikobewussten P2P Anleger bietet portfolio performance auch ein nettes Feature, wenn man seine Assets alle richtig zugeordnet hat. Um jederzeit feststellen zu können wie viel meines Vermögens in P2P Investiert ist und ob ich die Reißleine ziehen muss verwende ich die Asset Allocation und siehe da ich muss langsam machen da ich doch schon >5% in P2P investiert bin informationen reinvest24 monethera klassik portfolio portfolio report bericht xirr status wisefund bit of property anlage geld rendite envestio portfolio news mintos zinsen investitionen crowdlending p2p investment plattformen swaper bondora crowdfunding zocker portfolio report fastinvest XIRR Reporting mit Einblick & Erfahrungen Tei3 Das Mittelfeld 7 Plattformen im Kurzdurchlauf mit News.

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  1. In December 2020, my P2P and Crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 0.86%. The highest of these returns came from Wisefund (+1.64%). thewahman.com. January 2020 Update - Investment Returns | thewahman. In December 2020, my P2P and Crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 0.86%. The highest of these returns came from Wisefund (+1.64%). In December 2020, my P2P.
  2. Wisefund Review 2021 Why it's a risky bet
  3. Wisefund Review 2021 - Comprehensive Guide From A To

I'M LEAVING Envestio, Monethera and Wisefund (Here's Why

Zehn Voraussagen über die Entwicklung im P2P-Kreditmarkt

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