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Lower The Cost Of Health Insurance In The Netherlands. Find The Best Health Insurance In The Netherlands due to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. What is the insurance premium tax rate? The insurance premium tax rate is 21% on general insurance premium and 21% on the additional cost for services related to the insurance Insurance premium tax. Insurance premium tax. Insurance premium tax. Insurance premium tax: how does it work? News. Applications and forms. Brochures and publications The rate of the insurance premium tax is 21% of the premium. Read more... Who pays the insurance premium tax? The following persons or institutions pay the insurance premium tax: a designated intermediary, an insurer in the Netherlands or his authorised agent, an intermediary if he receives his fee from an insurer abroad and more. Read more... Submitting a tax retur Entrepreneur for income tax purposes. Healthcare insurance premium. File your return. If the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration considers you to be an entrepreneur for income tax purposes, you will pay income tax on your business's profit. Various criteria apply to this process

Netherlands Insurance Premium Tax Law. The Dutch law for Insurance Premium Tax is contained with the Dutch Insurance Tax Act. Dutch IPT Liability. The insurer is liable for the tax calculation and payment. EEA insurers operating on the Freedom of Services basis are required to appoint a local tax/fiscal representative. Netherlands IPT Rate VOLKSVZ for premiums national insurance or premiums social security. Do you need help with your Dutch tax return? Expatax can help you. You can also find more information about the Dutch tax system on our website. Previous Tax rates in the Netherlands 2021 . Next Will I get a fine if I don't file my tax return in time? 4 Comments. Vince says: 20/04/2020 at 15:06. You mention 'Combined. Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands is covered by the national insurance schemes for state pension (AOW), surviving dependants (ANW) and exceptional medical expenses (AWBZ). The contributions are withheld by the employer from employees' salaries and remitted to the Tax and Customs Administration Premium taxes Insurance premium tax is 7.5% where risk is located in the Netherlands. Insurance for the Insurance for the following is exempt: disability, illness, unemployment, sea-going vessels, transport European Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) comparison table Rank Country Rate 1 FINLAND 24% (Motor and Fire) 2 ITALY 21.5% (Liability, Fire, Theft, Other), 12.5% (Motor, Agricultural liability and fire) 3 NETHERLANDS 21% (Most - Marine, Travel, Health, Goods in transit = Exempt) 4 GERMANY 22% (Fire, Business interruption)

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High taxation of insurance premiums: The first trend includes territories such as Finland (24%), Netherlands (21%) or Germany (19%), which have opted for IPT rates close or equal to the VAT rate in place in their territories To support people on a low income, the Dutch government offers the healthcare allowance (z orgtoeslag), a regular contribution to help cover the monthly premiums for Dutch health insurance (z orgverzekering)

annuity premiums (both individual and collective annuity premiums) payments/premiums under individual pension savings agreements/pension insurance agreements (old IPS) premiums for loss of licence insurance policies regarding the part of the premium that covers taxable health and accident insurance The Insurance Companies Tax applies to the premium revenue of insurance companies. Effective July 1, 2016, insurance companies are required to remit to the province a tax of 5% of premiums generated in Newfoundland and Labrador during a particular year

An insurance tax is payable on insurance premiums if the insured is a resident of the Netherlands or if the insured object is in the Netherlands. The insurance tax rate is 21 per cent. Several exemptions are available (e.g. insurances of ships and aircraft operated in international traffic are exempt from insurance tax) The premiums are integrated in the first two brackets of the Dutch income tax levy. For more details we refer to the page Tax rates for individuals. In case an individual is covered by the Wlz of the Dutch national insurance, he/she is also covered by the Dutch healthcare systems (in Dutch: Zorgverzekeringswet or Zvw). As of 1 January. Insurance tax. An insurance tax of 21% is payable on insurance premiums if the insured is a resident of the Netherlands or if the insured object is in the Netherlands. Several exemptions apply; ships and aircraft operated in international traffic, for example, are exempt from the insurance premium tax Dutch national insurance rates Corona and cross-border employment: tax and social security consequences - Update. The corona measures may influence the tax and social security position of employees, who work under normal circumstances in another country than their country... 2021 in sight - Current tax tips for you and your organization. 2021 is approaching. What actions should you take.

Insurance is a high-performing industry in the Netherlands. For example, insurance premiums are worth around 9.2% of the country's GDP and there were 155 Dutch insurance companies operating at the end of 2017. Most companies belong to the Dutch Association of Insurance Companies (Verbond van Verzekeraars). Expat-friendly Dutch insurance brokers include: Independer - both comparison website. Insurance premium tax (IPT), a tax payable on most insurance policies, is payable depending on where the risk being insured lies. There is some uncertainty as to how to determine the location of risk, particularly in merger and acquisition deals, in which both the seller and buyer seek to insure a common risk. This article discusses the history behind IPT in the Netherlands, the purposes it is.

The income tax rate also includes a health insurance premium. All residents of the Caribbean Netherlands are covered for health insurance. Employers must pay an employee insurance premium of 18.1% on all salary, without a maximum, for accident insurance and health insurance for employees. Gift, wealth, estate, and/or inheritance tax The 30% reimbursement ruling is a tax advantage for certain expat employees in the Netherlands. The most significant benefit is that the taxable amount of your gross Dutch salary is reduced from 100% to 70%. So 30% of your wage is tax-free. Visit the 30% ruling page for more information Main points of consideration regarding new Dutch decree on insurance premium tax February 16, 2017 On February 14, 2017 the new Dutch decree on insurance premium tax was published (hereinafter: the decree). This replaces the Dutch decree of February 21, 2014 and contains several changes, which in summary concern the following aspects

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  1. istrator or benefits agency will withhold the tax from your salary, pension or benefit and remit it to the Tax and Customs Ad
  2. 1) Personal income tax, Health Insurance Act, corporate income tax, VAT and wage tax; 2) Gambling tax, insurance premium tax, landlord tax, environmental taxes (a.o. energy tax, coal tax, waste tax) and similar taxes in the Dutch Caribbean; 3) Excise duty (including those on non-alcoholic beverages); 4) Customs duty and other import taxes; an
  3. Impendulo developed a tailored solution that could efficiently highlight our monthly insurance premium tax & compliance liabilities across all of our product lines. Head of Indirect Tax Global Insurer. Impendulo have been able to build an IT driven solution that smoothly and accurately highlights our monthly insurance tax liabilities. Director Captive Manager. With information provided by the.

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Insurance Premium Tax was introduced in 1994, with the Government looking for a way to impose greater taxing of the insurance industry, which isn't subjected to traditional VAT. A higher rate tax of 17.5% was introduced in 1997, for insurance policies which offered breakdown cover, as well as travel and product insurance Need a Dutch car insurance? Compare car insurance Independer. At Independer you can compare over 75 car insurance from 50 different insurers. A more complete overview cannot be found in the Netherlands. Of every insurer you find more information about their products, the latest forum posts, news and experiences of other customers The inquiries generally relate to the insurance premium tax (IPT), and aim to ensure the proper application of section 1(3)(3) of the Insurance Premium Tax Act (IPT Act) that has been in effect since 1 January 2013. The IPT is levied on insurance premiums paid to an insurance company for insurance contracts that cover risks relating to Germany, as defined by law. The statutory tax rate is 19%.

At Autoverzekering.nl you can compare over 28 Dutch car insurance companies. Comparing car insurance at Autoverzekering.nl is fast and easy. Whether you want to beat your current provider's renewal quote or insure a new vehicle, our quick, easy price comparison tool helps you find a cheaper car insurance deal. Requirements for taking out car insurance in The Netherlands: You must have a. On February 14, 2017 the new Dutch decree on insurance premium tax was published (hereinafter: the decree). This replaces the Dutch decree of February 21, 2014 and contains several changes, which in summary concern the following aspects. The exemption for the insurance of seagoing vessels is, for example, extended with an exemption for the cover of the mortgage-related interest in a seagoing. 2021 Tax Plan - Outline. Dutch version. On 15 December 2020, the Senate approved the 2021 Tax Plan package, the limitation of the liquidation loss scheme in corporate income tax and the introduction of an air passenger tax. This greenlights a number of much discussed Government measures. Senate approves Tax Plan 2021 package

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THE NETHERLANDS - 2019 personal income tax and social security rates in the Netherlands. February 2019. Social securities. Premiums for the national insurances (Volksverzekeringen) Insurance. Ceiling. Percentage. AOW (Old Age Insurance) EUR 34,300.00. 17.90%. Anw (Survivor Dependant Insurance) EUR 34,300.00 . 0.10%. Wlz (Long Medical Care Insurance) EUR 34,300.00. 9.65%. Premiums for the. Are you unsure whether it is mandatory for you to apply for a Dutch health insurance plan, for example, when you are a student? Then please call us at : +31 (0) 10 34 000 20. The overview above shows Dutch insurance providers and their monthly premiums for basic healthcare. Basis insurance. The basic insurance plan is already quite extensive and is more or less equal for all health insurance. Health insurance is mandatory if you're living or working in the Netherlands. Costs for a basic package are the same whether you're young or old, in perfect health or with pre-existing conditions. Children are covered free of charge under their parents' plan until they turn 18 Insurance Company Premium Tax and Automobile Levy Bulletin - Amendments to Premium Tax and Fire Tax Rate (Effective January 1, 2017) Premium Tax Insurers (except fraternals) are required to pay premium tax on premiums receivable for business transacted in the province. The premium tax rates are 3.75 per cent on life and accident and sickness premiums, and 4.00 per cent fo

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  1. Lloyd's is the world's leading insurance market providing specialist insurance services to businesses in over 200 countries and territories
  2. These insurances apply to everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands. These insurances are paid from income-related premiums and taxes. A large part of Dutch health insurance is financed through this arrangement. Wlz (formerly known as AWBZ) The Chronic Care Act (Wlz) is meant for people who are in need of intensive healthcare, such as people with a chronic disease or disability and.
  3. insurance can substitute for government-provided benefits and vice versa. For a group of 10 OECD countries, the study found a significant negative relationship between social expenditures and life insurance premiums. The researchers attributed the high growth in life insurance premiums, in part, . .

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Life insurance, sickness and accident policies or annuity contracts : 1% ; Reinsurance : 1% ; Once the tax rate is determined, it is to be applied to the amount of the premiums paid. The amount of premiums paid is defined in Treas. Reg. § 46.4371-3(b) as the consideration paid for assuming and carrying the risk or obligation [of the insure Quarterly Insurance Return (1/1/21 to Current) (Not for reporting Industrial Insurance) This form is for the reporting of Insurance Premium tax on a quarterly basis. If you reported under $2000 in tax last year you do not need to file this form. Insurers who have Industrial Insurance Premiums to report will have to use Industrial Insurance. In addition to paying direct monthly premiums for the insurance of your choosing, you also need to make contributions to the Health Insurance Fund. This payment, often called the ZVW contribution, is income related. Each month, your employer takes a certain percentage off your salary and makes the contribution. Pros and Cons of the Netherlands's Healthcare System Pros. The care for critical. Quarterly Insurance Tax Payments. Under the Insurance Premiums Tax Act, every insurance company is required to pay quarterly insurance premium taxes. Tax rate is 3% on gross life, accident and sickness premiums, and 4% on gross premiums other than life, accident and sickness premiums. Payments are due within sixty days of the end of each quarter Premium taxes Annual premium tax of 9.25% on insurance premiums. For some insurance contracts reduced rates are applicable of 4.4%, 1.40% and 1.10%. Some insurance contracts are exempted, for example reinsurance contracts. Other taxes are amongst others levied on premiums for: 1. Workmen's Compensation Insurance: 4.97% contribution to Handicapped Persons Fund; 2. Motor insurance: possible.

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Then, you can request an insurance premium tax account from the Ministry of Finance. Download and complete the registration form. If you have any questions please call the ministry at 1 866 ONT-TAXS (1 866 668-8297). How do I file my insurance premium tax return and make payments? The Ministry of Finance will mail you a personalized tax return during the last month of your tax year. If you. JUNE 2, 2016 (HALIFAX) - In the recent provincial budget, the Newfoundland and Labrador government introduced a new 15% retail sales tax on home, auto and business insurance policies. Effective July 1, 2016, all new or renewing insurance policies in the province will be subject to this tax. In addition, the existing government tax that is paid on insurance premiums will increase by 1% Exemption from Section 4371 Excise Tax. Rev. Proc. 2003-78, 2003-2 C.B. 1029, provides instructions for establishing an exemption from the section 4371 excise tax on insurance premiums paid to a foreign insurer or reinsurer when the exemption is based on the provisions of an income tax treaty to which the United States is a party In 1967, the Dutch government established a new program of disability insurance by merging two existing schemes, one for occupational disease and injury and a second for disability whose cause is unrelated to work. The merger incorporated many features of the preexisting occupational disease and injury scheme that were, as is typical worldwide, more generous than disability insurance for the. You must report and pay the tax on insurance premiums if the tax is not collected at the time of total or partial payment of a premium and you are in one of the following situations: You are resident in Québec. You own an establishment in Québec or are deemed to hold such an establishment under the Taxation Act. Your insurance covers property located in Québec. To report and pay the tax.

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  1. Insurance premium tax. Currently, the insurance premium tax is equal to 2% of premiums collected or contracted for covering property or risks in this state; except that a company that is deemed to maintain a home office or regional home office in this state pays tax of 1%..
  2. Aon Basic Healthcare Insurance. In The Netherlands, foreign students must have insurance covering medical expenses. The Dutch authorities oblige some foreign students to have a public healthcare insurance called Basic Healthcare Insurance (basiszorgverzekering). Every permanent resident or temporary resident working in the Netherlands has one
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No deduction for Premiums You Paid With Pre-Tax Money. The premiums you pay for job-based health insurance usually come out of your paycheck before your income taxes are calculated. This makes your income appear smaller, similar to the way money you contribute to your 401(K) retirement savings makes your income appear smaller If your medical premiums are deducted through a payroll deduction plan, it's more than likely that you're covering your share of your insurance premium with pre-tax dollars. So, if you deducted.


Insurance premiums in general are exempt from the federal Goods and Service Tax (GST) as they are considered financial services. Rules after Implementation of HST . When Ontario joined the HST system on July 1, 2010, it substantially eliminated its PST on goods and services. However, it retained its PST of 8 percent on insurance premiums, as before. Automobile insurance premiums will remain. Dutch Social security law consists of National Insurance Acts, which provide benefits to all Dutch residents. National insurance contributions are payable on taxable income. Employee Insurance Acts are also part of Dutch security law, and provide additional benefits for wage earners. The contributions for these (excluding health insurance) are paid to the Dutch tax authorities by the employer. Overview. Insurers must file an insurance premiums tax return and remit an amount related to all premiums written in the province during the year. As of April 1, 2016, insurance premiums tax rates are: 3% on premiums receivable on contracts of life, accident and sickness insurance. 4% on all other contracts of insurance The 2019 budget recently approved by the Newfoundland and Labrador government officially removes the Retail Sales Tax (RST) on auto insurance premiums retroactive to April 15, 2019. As a result of the legislation, any RST paid on auto insurance premiums for policies newly issued or renewed on or after April 15, 2019, will require a rebate Property insurance is defined in the Classes of Insurance Regulation of the Financial Institutions Act and of the Insurance Premium Tax Act. The act defines property insurance as insurance against the loss of or damage to property but does not include aircraft, automobile and hail insurance. Property includes both tangible and intangible property. Insurance premiums that only cover pure.

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before the end of the term, any refunded insurance premiums should include an amount for RST. The tax that is refundable is based on the refundable insurance premiums. For example: A taxable insurance contract valued at $1,000 is entered into on November 1, 201. The total payable fo9 r the contract including RST is $1,070. Part way through the coverage period, the contract is cancelled and. The private medical insurance market is served by about 40 German insurance companies, and there are premium/benefit combinations available to suit most budgets. Per person cost of full medical insurance is based on the level of benefits chosen, as well as on entry age and any pre-existing medical conditions. A major portion (up to 80%) of private medical insurance premiums has also been tax.

  1. 2 Calculating insurance tax NB: Enter amounts in whole Euro. You may round down, in your favour. 2a Premium amount that is exempt from insurance amount 2b Premium amount that is subject to insurance tax 2c Insurance tax to be paid 2d Calculation of insurance tax during this period Credit note Offset non-collectible claim
  2. Netherlands 21% Higher rates of IPT have already been imposed across some EU countries. Germany 19% INSURANCE PREMIUM TAX At a time of significant uncertainty for SMEs about the future post Brexit, we are calling on the Chancellor not to increase the tax burden on businesses by raising Insurance Premium Tax. Dave Martin, Allianz's Director of SME and Corporate Partnerships small.
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  4. From 1 January 2019, there are a couple of changes to insurance taxes in France. Firstly, insurance guaranteeing the payment of life insurance premiums in case of death (payment protection insurance) is now no longer exempt. New year insurance premium tax changes in EU countries added by Tony Dowding on January 11, 2019

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Many countries charge a premium tax on insurance, so if a claims payment is received in a country where no premium tax was collected, it may raise a red flag with local regulators. WHAT IS A FINC CLAUSE? Helps move global policies toward compliance. Limits XS/DIC coverage to countries where legally permitted. Where XS/DIC coverage not legally permitted, clarifies who is an insured. 6 To. because the insurance premiums are treated as payments or contributions that are deductible. There's no deduction or tax credit for any premiums paid (even if the charity is named as an irrevocable beneficiary). 4 The death benefit is treated as a donation made immediately before the insured person's death.5 A tax credit is available on the insured person's final return for the year. Cyprus/September 2015 Insurance Taxation In almost all jurisdictions around the world, insurance premiums are subject to some form of taxation. Most of the time this taxation takes the form of VAT or a more specific insurance premium tax (IPT). Furthermore, the trend we have seen worldwide in the past years -and the trend we expect to continue seeing- has been in the direction of indirect.

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  1. 127 economic data series with tags: Tax, Insurance, Premium. FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data
  2. OECD Insurance Statistics. The insurance industry is a key component of the economy by virtue of the amount of premiums it collects, the scale of its investment and, more fundamentally, the essential social and economic role it plays by covering personal and business risks. Since 1982, the OECD has collected and analysed data on various.
  3. Netherlands Expat Forum: Insurance Premiums?. Forum for Expats Living in Netherlands on Expat Exchange. Topic posted by BrittanyUSC
  4. Tax and national insurance contributions ('Loonheffing') €0.00: €247.92: Zvw health insurance contribution: €74.31: €74.31: Net amount: €1,218.19: €970.27: The gross amount includes the AOW top-up of €26.04. Holiday allowance. The holiday allowance is €71.93 gross per month. You build up holiday allowance for each month of AOW pension. The net annual amount of holiday allowance.
  5. Tax treatment from the insurance company's perspective. Rebates and refunds of auto policy premiums are treated as return premiums under section 832(b)(4)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code. That means they are simply deducted from gross premium income in computing a company's underwriting income for tax purposes. Thus, premium rebates and refunds operate to reduce taxable income in the.
  6. Premium insurance from Bupa. Bupa Global. Premium insurance from Bupa. Get a quote Log in. 10 June 2021 As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops across the world you may have questions about how it could affect your health, business or travel. Our information hub has the latest updates and guidance to help support you. Access hub. The most premium range of plans from Bupa. Private.
  7. To qualify as life insurance for federal tax purposes, these policies must meet one of two tests—the cash value accumulation test or the guideline premium test. They are designed to cap the.

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State Premium Tax. Written by Hersh Stern Updated Thursday, May 20, 2021 Since the mid-1800s, insurance companies in many states have been assessed a type of excise tax on the premium dollars they receive from their customers. This state levy on premiums is akin to a sales tax charged to the seller (insurance company) but usually passed on to the buyer Insurance Europe ist der 1953 gegründete Dachverband der nationalen Verbände der Versicherungsunternehmen Europas und wirkt als Interessenvertretung vor allem auf europäischer Ebene. Bis März 2012 trug der Verband mit Sitz in Brüssel den Namen Comité Européen des Assurances.. Der Verband betreibt Lobbyarbeit. In der Schadenverhütung hat sich Insurance Europe zur Aufgabe gemacht, die. Premium paid with a limit of 15% of assessable income subject to tax with a maximum allowance of THB200,000. Contributions to Provident Fund (PF) (Contributions to PF together with premium paid to qualified pension life insurance and contributions to RMF, civil servant pension fund and welfare fund may not exceed THB500,000. As an example, you could not deduct your premiums in 2020 if your AGI was $60,000 and you paid $4,500 in health insurance premiums over the course of the tax year because 7.5% of your AGI works out to $4,500. You didn't pay anything in excess of that figure. But you've spent a cumulative total of $7,500 if you additionally paid $3,000 in additional uninsured medical expenses. This is. Aon Basic Healthcare Insurance. In The Netherlands, foreign students must have insurance covering medical expenses. The Dutch authorities oblige some foreign students to have a public healthcare insurance called Basic Healthcare Insurance (basiszorgverzekering). Every permanent resident or temporary resident working in the Netherlands has one

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Finally, the TCJA did not repeal the excise tax payable on outbound insurance and reinsurance premiums. Thus, in addition to potentially attracting a BEAT liability, insurance and reinsurance premiums paid to foreign insurers and reinsurers with respect to risks located in the U.S. continue to be subject to an excise tax at the rate of 1 or 4. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'insurance premium tax IPT' im Latein-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. It's is usually more advantageous for both you and your employees to pay insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis. If you wish to do so, the IRS requires that you make the contributions through a Section 125 plan. Group-term life insurance. Some employers make basic term life insurance available to their employees at no additional cost up to $50,000 of coverage. Anything more than this will. For more information on registering for an excise tax insurance premium account, contact the Prince Edward Island Tax Centre at 1-877-432-5472. Forms and publications. Form B241, Excise Tax Return - Broker; Forms - Excise taxes, ATSC and tax on insurance premiums; Excise taxes and other levies technical information ; Report a problem or mistake on this page. Please select all that apply: A. Deducting tax from income not subject to CPP contributions or EI premiums. We have built the tax credits for CPP contributions and EI premiums into the federal and provincial tax deductions tables in this guide. However, certain types of income, such as pension income, are not subject to CPP contributions and EI premiums. As a result, you will.

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Pre-tax disability insurance will likely come through your employer's group plan (offered to everyone) while post-tax disability insurance is usually something you'll buy on your own. The tax treatment of your disability insurance premiums is an important planning consideration as it will impact whether you will owe taxes on your benefit, should you ever become disabled COBRA and American Rescue Plan Act and Premium Tax Credits. American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) includes provision for a COBRA continuation coverage premium subsidy for individuals and families who experienced a loss in coverage due to select circumstances, like involuntary job loss or reduction of hours. April 09, 2021

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Translation of insurance premium tax in English. Translate insurance premium tax in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge Call & report Call us at 1-866-454-8910 to make a claim and book an appointment with a claims advisor at the nearest TD Insurance Auto Centre. Bring in your car Drop your car off at the nearest TD Insurance Auto Centre 4, meet with your claims advisor, and get a rental car, 5 if eligible. Pick up We will contact you when your car is ready for pick up. It's that simple. For all existing car. The traditional refund method is by check in the mail. Some insurance carriers route the money back to your bank account if your car insurance is set up with EFT payments. Because insurance premium refund delivery methods can vary, you should ask your insurance agent or representative. I did not receive my refund check For example, a 50-year-old man could donate $100,000 to his favorite charity. Or he could put that same $100,000 into a single premium whole life insurance policy and name the charity the. Difference between Wage Tax and Income Tax more Tax-reducing expenses, that are fully known only at the end of the year, could not be taken in consideration on a monthly base. Because of this the German tax law allows the deduction of some lump sums (see § 39b EStG ) and tax allowances from the taxable income for employees, which makes the only difference of the wage tax to the income tax.

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This data note estimates how tax credits premiums will change for people at various ages and incomes under the temporary boost in subsidies included in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the. P/C and life/annuity insurance companies paid $24.7 billion in premium taxes in 2020, or $75 for every person living in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. P/C insurers paid out $39.2 billion in property losses related to natural catastrophes in 2019 according to Aon, down from $60.4 billion in 2018 and $130.8 billion in 2017, including losses from the National. Long-Term Care Insurance Tax Deductible Limits - 2019 AS YOU AGE YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE LIMIT INCREASES . Tax-qualified LTCi premiums are considered a medical expense. For an individual who itemizes tax deductions, medical expenses are deductible to the extent that they exceed current amount required to meet the individual's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). The amount of the LTCi premium treated. 3. Tax Deductions. The premium you pay for a life insurance policy is eligible for tax deductions up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 4. Peace of Mind. With the best life insurance policy by your side, you get peace of mind, knowing that there is a financial safety net your loved ones can bank upon after you

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