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Divinations is a newsletter on business strategy featuring interviews with founders, investors, execs, and academics. In it, they share stories from their experience crafting and executing company strategy. It's written by me, Nathan Baschez. I've worked in product roles at Substack (yes, this website!), Gimlet, and General Assembly In my experience with Hardbound, Gimlet, Substack, and now the Everything bundle, I've come to believe that content can create incredibly strong moats. There are properties inherent to narratives and ideas that make them naturally powerful — kind of like how social networks, marketplaces, and platforms are inherently power-prone limit my search to r/divinations.substack.com. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in subreddit author:username find submissions by username site:example.com find submissions from example.com url:text search for text in url selftext:text search for text in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self. Typically, it signifies total destruction followed by a fresh start. Other interpretations say the card rep. Jenna Wortham. Jan 20. Share. Share. small pleasures womb, cassi namoda For the last week or so, my head has felt like a fried egg — overeasy and soft, a runny center, threatening to spill out everywhere.. Jenna Wortham

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|| divinations digital ruminations from jenna wortham | Reverse Interview: Acquired Strategy w/ Nathan Baschez of Divinations (formerly Gimlet, Substack) Limited Partner Episode. January 20, 2020. PRESENTED BY. Listen on the LP Show . Ben and David agree to have the tables turned in a great interview by friend and longtime Acquired supporter Nathan Baschez, who was formerly the Head of Product at both Gimlet Media and Substack, and now writes the. Substack is built for independent writers, whether it's one person writing their own newsletter, or a group of writers who want to collaborate together. If you're excited about starting a publication with friends, here's a rundown of how our group publishing tools work. Invite others to join your publication There are two purchasing options. One is to buy Divinations for a stand-alone price of $13 a month, but the new option, as you certainly are aware if you've read to this point, is the bundle where you get access to this and Superorganizers The goal of Divinations is to make it a little easier for people like me, who want to drink deep. So here's the plan: Free subscribers get: Occasional public essays on interesting new companies. Full subscribers get: Access to the Divinations resource library, curating (and summarizing/reviewing) all the best books, articles, and podcasts on strategy

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What Happened on Tech Twitter in June. Here are the top stories! It was what it was - A group of 60 young people pulled off one of the most epic and obscure pranks in tech history in less than 48 hours, raising $200K for black philanthropies along the way. Apple took a startup hostage - When Apple says jump, developers ask how high Co-hosts the Means of Creation podcast and author of the Divinations newsletter. Formerly worked at Gimlet Media and Substack, now runs the Every newsletter bundle. Co-founded Product Hunt. Media. divinations.substack.com. Reed Duchscher. Creator Economics Podcast. Formerly a sports management agent, Reed founded Night Media in 2015. Now he's manager for some of the biggest YouTubers.

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  1. 2019 has been a bit of a walk in the wilderness for me! But I finally figured out what I am doing Couldn't be more thrilled to launch this (thread) divinations.substack.com/p/introducing- Introducing Divinations A new conduit for knowledge of business strategy divinations.substack.co
  2. https://divinations.substack.com/p/disrupting-disruption. 3. An interesting new phenomenon happening in Silicon Valley. Venture Capital Funds being unbundled by big name Operators & Founders. Watch this space. The Rise of the Solo Capitalists. 4. Going from Coordinator → Channel Manager → Sr Channel Manager, you develop more channel expertise and better execution capabilities. You become great at optimizing KPIs within the constraints of your channel. But focusing on the.
  3. g from top 20 search results) 276,935 Organic Cost: ((How much need to spend if get same number of visitors from Google Adwords) $199,138.00.
  4. Oatly: The New Coke. Misinformation/confusion is the key to many of our largest advertising campaigns. Tobacco did it successfully for decades. Sugar has been doing it for over half a century. The playbook, outlined in detail in Merchants of Doubt, is very simple: https://divinations.substack.com/p/oatly-the-new-coke
  5. g from top 20 search results) 338,194 Organic Cost: ((How much need to spend if get same number of visitors from Google Adwords) $433,993.00.

Why Content is King How media creates power divinations.substack.com. December 18th 2020. 67 Retweets 554 Likes. delian @zebulgar. extremely fascinating to read this reverse-engineering of the pfizer vaccine this author translates everything into computer science-like terms crazy to see how humanity has so many tools to basically program our bodies and how we used them here Reverse. It is very rare to create cults via software, especially this early in the lifecycle of a product. If you search for Roam Research on Twitter, you will find posts like this all day long: After 10+ hours of Zoom conversations with Conor White-Sullivan (CEO), I knew that I wanted to help build this company as an investor with my fund Chapter One The measure of intelligence is the ability to change -Albert Einstein Ryan Reynolds is one of the very few Hollywood celebrities who knows how to invest in and promote startups & products in such a savvy & effective way. Standing over a bear trap, Reynolds dryly states: At Mint Mobile, we don't hate you

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  1. utes ago. Clickbait title. The app is called Clubhouse and it's a way of meeting new people. It's invite only. Interesting post, though. reply. Jemm 27
  2. • Wordofmeowth.substack.com receives approximately 1.1M visitors and 2,690,261 page impressions per day. Which countries does Wordofmeowth.substack.com receive most of its visitors from? • Wordofmeowth.substack.com is mostly visited by people located in United States,India,Canada. How much Wordofmeowth.substack.com can earn? • Wordofmeowth.substack.com should earn about $19,711.43/day.
  3. Divinations is a newsletter on business strategy featuring interviews with founders, investors, execs, and Episodes All Episodes 694 Founder Interviews 242 Investor Interviews 12 Breakouts (Startups That Have Grown 10X AND Raised Over $10M Since Our Interview) 5 Early Bets 4. Reviews The FWD Homepage Rate Show Follow Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Overcast Castro RSS Feed Twitter.
  4. In his Substack newsletter 'Divinations, ' Nathan Baschez boils down the essence of Clubhouse: Clubhouse is working because it's halfway between a podcast and a party, and people love both of those things. By default, the content is co-created with a small group. Listening to a conversation from a handful of people is so much more compelling than watching a video from one or.

So, below, you'll find a brief description and photo for each of the houses, divinations. My feeling has always been that learning the houses, their moods and hues, is the grooviest way to really feel astrology in the bones. Hope to see you at the workshop. It's donation-based and you can get the recording after. Please feel free to spread the word: Sign up here. A trip around the sky: 1ST. Divinations, by Nathan Baschez. This is from a new newsletter about business theory, which is not something I am normally drawn to, but I liked this bit, in part because it reminded me of a theory I have about art and creation, which I will now share. Several years ago, I saw a bad tweet from a writer I admired, and I felt a rush of pleasure. I thought something like, Oh, great, even amazing. Baschez, of Divinations, talks about how he and his co-founder are doing just that, and are bundling some of the best writers on Substack. Kia Kokalitcheva of Axios wrote about it this week How Services Like Substack are Re-Bundling the Unbundled Newsroom. However, with all that being said, don't tell Amazon about your idea. From the WSJAmazon Met With Startups About Investing, Then. We created a new Substack publication (you're looking at it) that has copies of all Divinations and Superorganizers posts. Any time we create a new post, we'll post a copy of it there. At the end of each week, we'll send a digest email to all subscribers of everything.substack.com. It'll link to all the posts we published that week

This is what Divinations and Superorganizers are trying to do with Every by offering a common newsletter. The product thus benefits from adjacent groups of readers while reducing the entrance fee to consume the same content. Although the signal appears weak for the moment, it is nevertheless perceptible and hints at the rise of Human IPOs - investment in people! In concrete terms, a. I enjoyed this Divinations post about the ways in which making content is a great business. Have been reflecting on this (as per this email), and I think the potential is huge. Just not for me, as I said. (3) Kolabtree (freelancing website for academics) I've been on Kolabtree for months and have had various messages and project proposals, but nothing great. I was starting to grow skeptical.

In this example, we're going to talk about how to make a marketplace MVP in no-code. Marketplaces have many use cases: Shopping - Any Shopify Site. Curation of Products - Product Hunt. Job Board - Indeed. I built a remote job board in 45 minutes with no-code tools. Let's see how it was done What features would Substack need to add or what product changes would they need to make to get you to switch? I love what Substack is doing. But I have a few questions. That said, it doesn't hurt to have a distinguishable brand. I could talk about the pros and cons of this all day. (Editor's Note: If you're curious and want to talk to Dru and I about the pros and cons, let us know!) Of. • Thespirits.substack.com receives approximately 830.1K visitors and 2,075,334 page impressions per day. Which countries does Thespirits.substack.com receive most of its visitors from? • Thespirits.substack.com is mostly visited by people located in United States,India,Canada. How much Thespirits.substack.com can earn? • Thespirits.substack.com should earn about $12,866.99/day from.

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  1. A number of writers and journalists have recently flocked to services like Substack to publish their own newsletters under the banner of independence, even as those services and writers themselves are increasingly recreating various benefits of working in a traditional newsroom. Driving the news: Last week, Substack announced it will provide legal help to some its authors of paid newsletters,
  2. Inside the Clubhouse, Divinations. A new social app wins quarantine buzz, Axios. Clubhouse voice chat leads a wave of spontaneous social apps. Article on Business Insider. Before our last part, if you liked this post, please subscribe to my newsletter for more: Subscribe . And don't hesitate to share the post with your friends/followers on Twitter: Share. What are people saying on Twitter.
  3. During the Lockdown time, in April 2020, two of Substack's most popular newsletters — Divinations, on business strategy, and Superorganizers, on the world's smartest people — joined forces. For $20/mo., you can now subscribe to the Everything newsletter. The two creators have similar readerships and their content complement each other.
  4. The T-Shaped Information Diet. The T-shaped talent model suggests that the best way to grow your abilities is to build a shallow understanding across a breadth of domains and a depth of expertise in whichever domain is most relevant to your profession. This same lens helps identify which topics to prioritize within your information diet
  5. Free Consultation | Email: info@lalawthailand.com LA LAW - Thailand. Asset Recovery & Anti-Corruption Legal Team. Men

We have the Magic Money column which is Printingpressonomics, invoked when the appropriate Federal Reserve Divinations have been conducted and all signs are good-to-go. My strongest idea here is Guaranteed Progressive Income, which will be the subject of an issue to come. Right now the strategy (3 May 2020) is to dilute the current makeup with printingpressonomics, and hopefully in the. Astrology and other divinations, I like it and if you treat it as a dialogue with your own unconscious mind it is not unscientific at all. 1 Reply. Kusum Chanrai May 18 Liked by Elaine Zelby. I like Future for Non-Exercise Goals a lot. It likely represents a far more actionable and potentially affordable form of therapy / life-coaching. Combine that with a Peloton-like leaderboard to drive. Hi, this is Clément from HUB612. Welcome to all the new followers and hello to everyone! This week I'm inviting you to read Marie Dollé 's issue on her substack (In Bed With Tech [FR] or In Bed With Social [ENG]).She writes every week about trends in digital media, and this week we've co-writted an issue about Social Finance.. Everything has to be managed mostly by your first brain, which increases overhead, and minimizes trust in the system. The goal is to create an organized system to do these three steps. everything should go into one system. The second brain is not a single app, it can be made up of a bunch of apps

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In his newsletter Divinations, Nathan Baschez wrote about the Covid-19 induced recession and what it means when the economy 'holds its breath'. One scary statistic that jumped out to me was this unemployment graph. Unemployment has traditionally been a leading indicator of the health of the economy (more than stock prices). Check this out: This is a 5 x greater level of unemployment than. Divinations nbashaw Get smarter about Business strategy. https://divinations.substack.com 1 Likes. Sriram Krishnan sriramk I write about once a week on startups, product, building great companies and some unnecessary movie trivia. When there's a new memo added, I'll talk about it in the newsletter too.. Twenty-Six. Nathan Baschez. May 5, 2015 · 4 min read. Birthdays are when you can't ignore the big, scary questions that usually lurk in the background. Today I turn 26, and I'm leaving my job. I've worked at General Assembly for a little over two years, and I still love it. Creating Dash was the happiest experience of my professional life In 2020, Nathan Baschez combined his Substack Divinations with Dan Shipper's Superorganizers to create Everything. The bundle subscription grew from 600 to 1,000 subscribers in the first month, and transformed into a publication with 10 bundled newsletters. The newsletter's estimated earnings for 2020 after Substack's 10% commission were upwards of $648,000 a year. The Everything.

Oatly, The New Coke by Nat Eliason for Divinations: If you think Oat milk is healthy and it's a part of your health-oriented New Year Resolutions, think again. That wraps up this week's newsletter. You can check out the previous issues here. If you want to discuss any of the ideas mentioned above or have any books/papers/links you think would be interesting to share on a future. divinations.substack.com 1 Gefällt mir Gefällt mir Kommentar Teilen. Einfach anmelden, damit Sie nichts verpassen. Personen von Third Wave GmbH finden, die Sie kennen Persönliche Jobempfehlungen erhalten Alle Updates, News und Artikel anzeigen. Free online divinations, predictions, fortune-tellings, horoscopes.. And so to wander to the worldës ende , To seeke my fortune , where I may it is at libertie Make himselfe bond ? sith then we are free borne , Let us all servile I cannot , my lief brother , like but well The purpose of the complot wbich ye tell. Free psychic readings, horoscopes, tarot, feng shui & predictions.


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As I write this newsletter, I see gentle California hills on the left of me, along with the setting sun, and seemingly endless prairie on the right, interrupted on occasion with signs that ask me to Build More Dams: Stop Man-Made Droughts, to Make California Safe Again, to Stop Dumping 78% of Our Water in the Ocean, and to RECALL NEWSOM Jesse Cleveland Fitness. 426 likes. - Barre & Cycle Instructor at The Dailey Method Towson - Check out my weekly class schedule at:.. Substack is not the future of media. Before we jump into it, though, I want to touch on something that I've seen too many people suggesting over the past few days. I think Substack is a remarkable tool and it it has facilitated turning AMO into a business more quickly than I could ever have imagined. That doesn't mean Substack is the future of media. It is part of the future and it will.

Investing in Roam Research. Jeff Morris Jr. Apr 13, 2020 · 4 min read. In San Francisco, there is a small music venue called Rickshaw Stop in Hayes Valley. I used to go there when I was young and cool. I sometimes went to the venue on a random night and saw people waiting in long lines for a band I had never heard of The essential tech news of the moment. Technology's news site of record. Not for dummies Welcome to the Sunday edition of Everything, the best business writing on the internet.You're getting this weekly digest because you signed up for one of our newsletters: Superorganizers, Divinations, Praxis, Napkin Math, and Talk Therapy.To manage your email settings, click here. Quick note: you're not currently a subscriber, so you're missing out on our best, most in-depth writing With the news that Twitter has acquired the podcasting company Breaker, Nathan walks Dan through his latest Divinations article on the state of podcasts over the past decade—or at least 2016, when he wrote an article in search of a platform dedicated to podcast discovery via social connections. After discussing the piece's three hypotheses, they both agree: we have yet to get a social.

Now: GP @uncommon_cap & Growth Advisor Past: Growth @NotionHQ, Monetization @reddit, Growth Consultant (Twitch, Substack, Mercury, 10+ more), YC (W08, W16) RECENTLY SHARED Etsy Buys Depop, Fashion Resale Site Popular With Gen Z, for $1.6 Billio ‎Nathan and Dan discuss how they test for what kind of content resonates. P.S. — Here's the essay on Oatly's marketing by Nat Eliason just published in Divinations that they discuss. How did you feel about this episode? Amazing • Good • Meh • Bad Get full access to Talk Therapy at talktherapy

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  1. Mohammud Hassan follows 13 people on Medium. Josh Elman. I love building products that people use. I've helped build Twitter, Facebook Connect, LinkedIn, Robinhood
  2. I have a funny writing habit. when I need to post something in italian I write in English and then translate into english. quando devo scrivere lunghi report di lavoro per i colleghi tedeschi li scrivo in italiano e poi li traduco in ingles
  3. As our screen time went up amidst stay-at-home orders, social media has been reflecting on what's happening in the world around us. Digging through Sprinklr data, we looked at the levels of conversation around some of the most popular trends that shaped social media in 2020
  4. r/Substack: A place to discuss and share your Substack newsletters or recommend other Substack newsletters. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Log in sign up. User account menu. 2. Interviewed Nathan Baschez of Divinations, who was an early employee at Substack and now newsletter writer. Close. 2. Posted by 1 month ago. Interviewed.
  5. Hey! Welcome to Three Shorts, a recurring series where I unpack the strategy behind the news in as few bullet points as possible.This is a free preview of a Divinations Premium post.. Enjoy :
  6. (Axios, Divinations, Forbes) Thursday, May 14th: 360 Capital is announcing the 1st closing of its fifth fund for €80m. The goal is to raise a total amount of €150m by the end of the year. 360 invests in seed, series A and series B in France, Italy and Spain with tickets ranging from €2m to €10m. The team is one of the few European VC.

How Creators Go On Tour On the Internet (Nathan Baschez, Divinations) Investing in Run the World (Connie Chan, a16z) A High-Flying Unicorn Bet Its Business On Local Shops. Now It's Trying To Help Them Survive. (Forbes) A note: I did a Google search on key sentences from this post to make sure I've captured similar content out there that I may have missed. I realize that these are big. Why Roam is Cool (Divinations, Apr. 2020) Investing in Roam Research (Jeff Moris Jr., Apr. 2020) Creating Tools For Networked Thought with Conor White-Sullivan of Roam Research (Venture Stories, Apr. 2020) 20VC - Roam Research CEO (Harry Stebbings, May. 2020) Invest Like the Best w. Sarah Tavel (Invest Like the Best, Apr. 2020) What's So Great About Roam? (Nat El Nathan Bashchez and Dan Shipper set the Substack newsletter world on fire last week when they announced that they would bundle their popular newsletters, Divinations and Superorganizers. (The Substack newsletter world gets pretty wild.) Substack doesn't support bundling - offering multiple subscriptions for one price - but it's a feature that many writers have been asking for, for the. Gumroad founder and CEO Sahil Lavingia discusses building an e-commerce platform for online creators, walking away from VC funding, and the decisions he had to make in doing so -- including whether to build horizontally or vertically, and if his product was a platform or an aggregator Substack claims that 5-10% of readers convert to paid. (Though from my experience and conversations I've had, this figure is definitely closer to 5%.) So let's be conservative and say 5% . Using our example above, a newsletter with 10,000 subscribers. First thing you should do is check engagement rates. If the newsletter is for sale, it's likely (though not definite) that a higher.

3) Microsoft - automated summaries of meetings and presentations segmented by topics. With remote work meaning a more distributed workforce and less in-person meetings, Microsoft have been thinking about how to make remote meetings and presentations easier to summarise, understand, and come back to in the future li jin substack. May 23, 2021 Uncategorized No Comments Uncategorized No Comment Greek myths are full of oracles whose divinations fall on deaf ears, so much so that the term Cassandra has become the canonical term for just such a prophet. She was the daughter of Priam, King of Troy. The god Apollo had the hots for her and wooed her with the gift of prophecy, but when she turned him down, he laid a curse on her so that no one would ever believe her. Cassandra, as the woman.

In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested user We're joined by Oliver Sharp of Highspot, Seattle's most recent unicorn company (at least at the time of recording!), to talk about how and why to architect everything a software company does around its customers — what today is often called customer-led growth — but really represents a company building philosophy that runs much deeper.Oliver has serious software cred: he first joined.

Studying strategy at divinations.substack.com. Follow. 408. 2. 408 408. 2. Overstock; Marketing; SEO; Business; Strategy; More from Marker. Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium. Read more from Marker. More From Medium. The 'MeWork Generation' and the 2 Metrics That Define Them. Scott Galloway in Marker. A Brief History of Netflix Personalization. Gibson Biddle. The next big thing in 2021 is the personal business OS. You'll see an emergence of things that are Shopify-esque to bundle all the tools needed to power a business that is really associated with an individual's brand. (Substack will lead the charge). Stuff like Niki Minaj making $8M on OnlyFans, that's the kind of potential. This.

To borrow from Nathan Baschez introducing Divinations: Every strategy is really just a theory: We bet if we do x, then y will happen. 7 Powers by Hamilton Helmer provides real-world examples grounded in decades of experience as a strategy advisor, active equity investor, and Stanford University professor that help us build a set of mental models to think through strategy Substack takes 10% of paid subscriptions, plus credit card processing fees, otherwise, the service is free if you only publish free content. Download a FREE copy of 7 Ways to Monetize your Portal Audience, and discover how today's top publishers are generating revenue through memberships, events, clubs, sponsorships, and more. Making Subscription Revenue Through Micro-Publishing. Digiday. divinations.substack.com. Plus Minus Next journaling. More and more resources point out that keeping a journal is a great way to grow as a developer, and as a person. I've tried it a few times but it never seems to stick. Anne-Laure Le Cunff shares her way of Plus Minus Next journaling HackerNews most popular stories from Aug 02, 2020 to Aug 09, 2020. In one blog post. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/germany-plans-to-dim-lights-a

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Quibi. Launching April 6. The pitch to advertisers on the surface seemed to be a runaway success: 6 months before launch, Quibi announced they sold out their entire first-year inventory to the tune of $150 million of upfront commitments from an intentionally small number of Tier-1 brands Baschez writes the newsletter Divinations and formerly worked in product roles at Substack and Gimlet Media. He said there may also be some correlation between the rise of bootstrapped newsletters and podcasts and the popularity of tools like Roam. These are tools that are really helpful when you're researching for content you're creating, Baschez said. It's also useful if you. In this non-saas episode, we hosted the Vaidehi Murthy, Social Media @ Dunzo, aka queen of puns. We discussed how brands should manage their social accounts. Vaidehi tells us stories about how they do it at Dunzo. We also talked about using social media for sales and accelerating your funnels too. All this and much more in this episode with Vaidehi

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Worth Reading How Chinese Apps Handled COVID-19. Dan Grover, Product Manager @ Facebook. To flatten the curve of armchair epidimiology, I should recognize, as a tech guy, I'm clearly not qualified to speculate as to which country's systems better handled this epidemic.Much is still unknown about the virus itself, the numbers behind it This week we have 10 articles, 2 books and 1 tool, covering psychology, architecture, philosophy, music and food, as well as our usual dose of marketing and community content Snap's summit provides a segue to this week's topic— virtual reality and augmented reality. VR and AR are the ultimate blend of offline and online, digitally replacing and enhancing our physical world. For decades, science fiction has imagined a VR / AR future: the OASIS in Ready Player One, the holodeck in Star Trek, the matrix in Read all of the posts by rhettweller on Rhett Weller. I have been working from home for about a year and half now. For some it can be a challenge, but here are some tips I have come up with to maintain focus and balance home and work life

Man, Substack's analytics leave a lot left to be desired. I love the platform but I am not sticking around for the metrics. I'd agree on this front with most platforms I use. So I think there is an opportunity to build a stand alone creator analytics platform. Help me understand who my subscribers are and how they interact with my content. Do they consume more newsletters or more podcasts. Fast forward to 2019. Sahil Lavingia published an essay that changed everything: Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company. In it, he told the full story of Gumroad for the first time. The reception has just been kind of insane, he tells me. Over 700,000 people read the post This post (Good Better Best Substack) presents the idea that good bundles minimise SuperFan overlap, and maximise CasualFan overlap. To do this bundles should contain diverse products rather than a narrow offering. Evaluating Apple One on this criteria makes it seem like the bundle is diverse enough to strike the right balance between SuperFans & CasualFans. However, there are several further. Quick Bite. Three Waves of In-Home & On-Demand Fitness Screenshot Essay: Recently, screenshot essays have been catching fire on Twitter and across the web.Eric Stromberg, the Founder of Bedrock Capital, started the trend with the launch of his 'Screenshot Essays' newsletter last month. Patrick O'Shaughnessy's Invest Like the Best podcast has further popularized them under the moniker.

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divinations.substack.com divinations.substack.com Roam's road ahead 1 dwhly 13 Oct 2020 in Public If you take a bong rip and close your eyes, you can imagine a world where Roam is a new sort of internet. Where people can publish ideas and reference each other's ideas in deep, interlinked ways. It'd be like a giant public brain, instead of a private second brain. This section 6 is a key. Happy Thursday Watchers!We're hiring at Krit right now, and I thought I'd share some stats from the process for anyone else who might be hiring developers. Here's everything I did to promote the job:Publish job post on Krit career siteSubmit to Diversify Tech ($149)Submit to RemoteOK ($547)Submit to Epic Jobs (free)Post to my personal twitterMessage 10 influential devs with diverse audiences. Eggs & Coffee Are In, Added Sugars Are Out. Eat more plants, less red and processed meat, and don't worry so much about dietary cholesterol. These are.. Divinations is part of a subscription bundle that Nathan and his co founder, Dan Shipper are building called Everything. They describe Everything as a bundle of the best modern business writing. And as a subscriber, I can tell you that Everything is incredible. To learn more, just visit everything.substack.com. And with that, please enjoy this business strategy masterclass with Nathan Baschez. The graph represents a network of 9,869 Twitter users whose tweets in the requested range contained diabetes, or who were replied to or mentioned in those tweets. The network was obtained from the NodeXL Graph Server on Monday, 10 August 2020 at 04:36 UTC. The requested start date was Monday, 10 August 2020 at 00:01 UTC and the maximum number of days (going backward) was 14. The maximum.

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  1. Cherie Hu is an award-winning journalist and researcher who has been covering the intersection of music, technology, and business for over 5 years. She runs Water & Music, a newsletter exploring innovation in the music business. Cherie is currently writing a book about the parallels between independent music careers and tech entrepreneurship
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