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Help meet the physical and spiritual needs of persecuted Christians throughout the world. We've rescued 45k+ Christians, but every 2 hours a believer is martyred in Jesus' name Well, here's the funny thing — the fact that Substack may lack in a lot of the more complex automation capabilities I employ (as referenced in the above lists) is actually not the biggest problem. Complex automation is not the biggest thing Substack is lacking, though I do believe adding it in would definitely enhance its use cases

Here's my problem with Substack. By John Warner. Chicago Tribune | Nov 24, 2020 at 8:23 AM . The other day I noticed my photograph on the Chicago Tribune website, and my reaction was, Who is. If Substack is having system outages or experiencing other critical issues, red down notifications appear on the status page. In most cases, it means that core functions are not working properly, or there is some other serious customer-impacting event underway

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As New York Times columnist Ben Smith put it, Substack was surreptitiously making some writers rich and turning others into the content-creation equivalent of Uber drivers. The second and perhaps.. Big problem. This is where things went bad for me. Writing on Substack means a chunk of time each week to just write there. It means you may have to give up your time without any guaranteed ROI to see if it works for you. I already spend a lot of time writing. I'm not sure I have time to write on Substack. Genius solution. I asked an Aussie mate for advice. Here's what they said: Take the. Substack deliverability is high. One problem with email and newsletter is the Spam Folder. According to ConvertKit, 15% of emails never make it to the reader's email inbox and get trapped in the dark hole known as the Spam Folder. Simon measured deliverability with both Substack and ConvertKit. Here are his results: Deliverability is WAY better with Substack. And I had done all the admin.

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Also last night Ryan Broderick, who was fired by Buzzfeed last summer after an investigation found him guilty of plagiarism, wrote a piece blaming the harassment of Lorenz on Glenn Greenwald. He also lumped in other popular writers on Substack as part of a growing problem. Full disclosure: I consider Taylor a friend Are there problems with Substack and Clubhouse? For sure. But as early companies, they have the obligation to explore the terrain of what they are building, find the key features that compel users. But my problem with prompt engineering is simply the name we've given it. I'm not sure where it came from, I'm assuming it has got some machine learning basis behind it, but it's a very intimidating sounding name. Sure, you have to think about character limits and you have to be clever with GPT-3 to get it to do what you want, so, it's not that straightforward and it does require making some. The Problem With Just Ignore The Crazies It's all fun and games until the crazies are charged with educating other people's kids. Jesse Singal: Feb 12: 32: 12 Share . There are so many situations, public and private, in which ignore the crazies is a reasonable heuristic. If you are walking down a street and a troubled person you've never met begins hurling accusations at you from the.

The Substack idea should be about democracy, about writers breaking out of the horrible freelance market and into an independent model of conversation with readers. What happened instead is that money got involved like it always does, and it became a platform for the few, rather than the many. So I don't use it much, because like you, I have more than enough to read But I have a problem, if I use \d as the first command in a substack, it gives me the text \d. Here is an example code: \documentclass{scrartcl} \usepackage{mathtools} \let\underdot\d \renewcommand{\d}{\ifmmode\mathop{}\!\mathrm{d}\else\expandafter\underdot\fi} \begin{document} \[ \substack{\d x = \sigma \d y} \] \end{document} I don't know why this happens, may be my command is bad defined. The Argument Against Elon Predictably Turns to Drivel. Musk fandom arises in part because he is offering something resembling a path to clean energy and space exploration, both of which are appealing and important. But it's a mirage, and following it will take us further in the direction of dystopia. —Robinson the problem with performative virtue signaling. is that the performance so often exceeds the virtue. i cannot take my mask off even though i know that it's safe, because if i do, how will people know that i am one of the good guys!?!. those ae some pretty iffy priorities for the side of science, no

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  1. First, Substack is going to have a serious problem retaining its most profitable writers unless it substantially reduces its 10% take. Second, Substack is less threatened by Twitter and Facebook than many think; the problem with the social networks is that they want to own the reader, but the entire point of the sovereign writer is that they own their audience. Substack's real threat will be.
  2. Business Rates have other problems. They discourage landlords from making property-value increasing improvements and can create unnecessary complexity. It's a particular problem for manufacturers where it can act as an additional tax on investment. In an ideal world, rates would be based on land values only to avoid this problem
  3. The Problem with Animal Intelligence. Justin E. H. Smith. May 30. Share. Share. As I mentioned last week, I have a few pre-written pieces that I will be sharing here, hors-série, just to clear them off my desktop. This does not violate the intention I expressed to move to a fortnightly model, since these involve next to no new work on my.
  4. Kyle Merber, who writes a weekly Substack newsletter about track and field called The Lap Count, has struggled with similar problems. People sign up for a newsletter and they turn around.
  5. The problem with an OTP addiction. It's a new year and I'm trying to nudge myself back to work, but my brain seems to think that I've not had enough of a break and isn't quite cooperating. This means that every day is a struggle where I'm trying to reply emails and write like a proper Adult, and all my brain wants to do is watch drama.
  6. I don't know what educators across the country are actually doing or trying to do (and in fact I think this is a problem with our school system—I'm not sure *anyone* knows), but I do know what a group of progressive educators-in-training were talking about a few years ago when I was getting my Master's in English ed. The words critical race theory came up a lot; the idea that it.
  7. The problem with skinny singles The issues arising from the widespread use of the thinnest single ropes. Andy Kirkpatrick. Mar 29: 16: 1: Share . Mammut Sender 9 mm . INTRODUCTION. If I was to be asked to name one aspect of modern climbing technique that I feel uncomfortable about, it would probably be this: how non-elite climbers - which is pretty much all of us - have begun to adopt the.

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The problem with luck A letter about the terrible and the miraculous. Mandy Len Catron. Jun 4: 29: 5: Share . I know that this is a newsletter about loneliness—not a newsletter about fertility and procreation, though I've written a bit about my experience with infertility here and elsewhere. I'd planned to publish a letter about the loneliness of the meritocracy today, and maybe I will. The Problem with Story. We have a tendency to mistake what the culture is doing with what people need. We have a culture that is full of storytelling, and it's storytelling of a particular variety: not stories of explication or description, but of justification. These stories point forward, to something that should be, not necessarily. People who received the vaccine may also have had more health problems, and hence were more likely to have abnormal bleeding. The emotional stress of receiving the vaccine could also impact menstruation. Regardless, this study supports a link between vaccinations and menstrual irregularity. Not all vaccines trigger the immune system in the same way, so the data here may not apply to the COVID. The Problem with Miracles. I have a real problem with the televangelist variety of miracles. I'm not a fan of snake oil salesmen who over-promise and under-deliver. Perhaps, it's because I know what it's like to press on through the sometimes grueling task of recovery. Think about it like this: If I tell you I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse, attempted suicide, and now serve.

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Why Journalists Hate Substack. Last week the online media industry went through one of its recurring rituals of self-flagellation. HuffPost, formerly known as The Huffington Post (before the association with Arianna Huffington's various lifestyle branding initiatives maybe became a bit too cringeworthy) saw its journo-workforce dramatically. Substack has also seen a more than fivefold increase in its paid readers in the space of 11 months — between March 2020 and if people have problems with their payment processor or whatever.

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  1. The point I wish to make in writing to you, is that you are correct to highlight the problem this has caused, but it's only one piece of a very complex puzzle. Ask Lloyds about this and they know it's a problem in waiting Well it has turned up - in a fortunately brief example, according to the reports in todays List and the mainstream media. The truth is out there as a TV show used.
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  3. Four Questions with Journalist Kenneth Rosen His reported memoir chronicles the problem with tough love programs. Elizabeth. May 20: 3: Share . The Bennifer News Gave You 2000s Nostalgia It's What To Read If Decades Edition . Elizabeth. May 17: 6: Share . You're Looking for a Literary Thriller Roll your eyes at the phrase #GirlBoss or are ready to get back to live theater.
  4. Today a motion was unsealed in the Ghislaine Maxwell case that give us serious concerns about the government's case against Maxwell. I'll make this brief. The unsealed motion had to do with Maxwell's recently rejected motion for release on bail. It had been sealed because it references documents that are still under seal
  5. Twitter's Holocaust problem Accounts cheering the slaughter of Jews are in the clear so long as they occasionally delete their pro-genocide tweets. T. Becket Adams. May 18: 6: 1: Share . Subscribe — Twitter plays by a bizarre set of rules. Verified users who tweet in support of the slaughter of Jews will not be banned provided they eventually delete their pro-genocide messages, a Twitter.

Substack: how the game-changer turned poacher. It started as a newsletter platform for unknown writers. Now it is becoming a media giant in its own right - with many of the problems it was. The Problem They Will Not Name We are living through the tragedies of a country in self-inflicted free fall, a dizzying storm of dread, white, patriarchal supremacist wrath, and manufactured decline. Jared Yates Sexton . Mar 17: 32: 7: Share . Eight dead. Eight human beings senselessly cut down. As soon as we see the breaking news we're already aware of at least some of the details without. The Media's Real (And Imagined) Substack Problems. Ed Z: Apr 12: 6: 1: Share . I have been seriously working on this newsletter on Substack for coming up on five months, and in that time I have watched so many storms develop in so many teacups that at this point I am totally out of cups, and must simply drink from the kettle itself. The latest is from career non-provocateur Ben Smith at the.

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The problem with terms like Product-Community Fit and Minimum Viable Community is that they aren't just ineffective terms, they are antithetical to what community is all about as they describe systems and outcomes fundamentally tied to automation, not personal touch. It's like how fitting in isn't the same as. I think the problem is that these corrections are for independent hypotheses, and I'm talking about testing the same hypothesis multiple ways (where each way adds some noise). When you're testing independent hypotheses, each new test you do can only make previous tests less credible. But when you're testing the same hypothesis multiple different ways, multiple tests can sometimes make each. The problem that remote places have that is unique is their distance from centralized processing of the stuff we don't want anymore. I sort of knew that this existed when I was in graduate school, but it became more real for me when a reader left a comment on one of my Sunday posts of the newsletter

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  1. Or, why food security is a money problem. Sarah Duignan. Mar 7: 1: Share . As we hit the first panniversary of COVID-19, I've been reflecting back on the panic and uncertainty we faced this time last year, and how what our food behaviours at the time were saying. On March 13, 2020, I stepped into a Farm Boy grocery store in Mimico, mask-less and with my daughter, drowning in the chaotic.
  2. We will notify Publishers as soon as reasonably practicable if Publishers' access to Substack is suspended or substantially limited due to technical problems with the platform. You agree that this means that newsletters (or any content therein) may be removed from Substack at any time in our discretion. You also agree that we retain the right.
  3. Bad Performance Might Expose a Liquidity Problem. On February 16, The Bear Cave highlighted potential liquidity issues at ARK Invest, the hot active ETF firm founded by Cathie Wood that has seen assets grow from around $10 billion to $60 billion over the last 12 months. On February 23, The Bear Cave reiterated liquidity concerns about ARK Invest

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There is no problem with Ben Simmons His weird supplemental role is working. He seems to have embraced it. What's the issue? Jan 25: 5: 3: Share . Good morning. Let's basketball. The Red Tower, Giorgio de Chirico . The Philadelphia 76ers have the best record in the Eastern Conference at 12-5. Three primary factors contribute to this: Joel Embiid is playing at an MVP level. The Sixers have. New York's rollout of its vaccine passport already has the markings of a five alarm dumpster fire. The New York State Excelsior Pass vaccine passport system, which was created by IBM, has so many issues that I wouldn't be surprised if the program was scrapped altogether before the end of the calendar year Problems at Canoo (GOEV) Canoo (NASDAQ: GOEV — $1.93 billion), an electric car prototype company, has had a slew of resignations, self-dealing, consistent losses, a shifting business plan, and has been rife with conflicts. Since going public through a SPAC in December, Canoo's co-founder and CEO, CFO, General Counsel, and Head of Corporate Strategy have all resigned The University of Minnesota's latest scandal illustrates a bigger problem with major universities. As my friend Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has been reporting, UMN's Institutional Review Board let a computer science professor deliberately dump dodgy code into the Linux kernel, just to see what would happen. Well, now we know what will happen Harassers Use Substack Sign-Ups to Spam Trans People and Allies. Trolls are exploiting the newsletter service to spam prominent trans voices and allies with the work of transphobic writers.

That's because of the big problem with how we make electronics: it usually takes 3 months — multiple years to test them! As I'll soon explain, electronics have testing issues at EVERY step of their development (from the initial design to maintenance while in use). And it's not just a problem for your old phone batteries. Incredibly important innovations are being slowed down by testing. The Superhero-Body Problem On superhero fight scenes, the achievement of Logan, and the missed opportunities of Batman vs. Superman. Apr 15: 11: Share . Subtle symbolism 101 right here. My extended take on the extended Zack Snyder cut of Justice League — sorry, not an extended cut, a whole new movie, don't hurt me Sonny Bunch — is in the latest issue of National Review, though if I'm.

A widely praised TEDTalk by Aaronson, which, in the words of organizers, reveals a disturbing FBI practice that breeds terrorist plots by exploiting Muslim-Americans with mental health problems, featured this central claim: There's an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined: The FBI Over and over again, there's problems when you go to pick up a Zipcar, and it takes forever to connect with someone about the problem, and when you do there's often nothing they can do but refund you and offer you some free miles, which means you never want to reserve a car for something essential. A human being could solve all of those problems. The app just makes you more mad On existential problems, the optimists always turn out to be right because optimists and pessimists only exist in a world where the risk doesn't pan out. In the meantime, there's a complicated negotiation: the rich world doesn't want the consequences of China (and India, and Africa, and South America) getting rich, but those parts of the world are understandably resistant to the argument that.

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The real problem is that we live in an age of experts, and COVID was created and allowed to escape by the experts, and it was covered up by the experts, and yet we have people still divided between those who shout to everyone we must listen to the experts and do what they tell us and who get incensed when someone simply asks how we know the experts are right (especially as time goes on, it's. Jason Poblete's Dispatches. Law, policy, and politics - and other musings about current affairs by Jason Poblete who has spent more than three decades seeing, close up, how it's done and why we can and need to do better. Yes, we let loose here. We would not have it any other way

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  1. The problem is Greenwald and Singal have not signed any such agreements. One last time (he says with false hope):Writers confirmed to have received Substack advances: @mattyglesias @daniel_m_lavery @rgay @graceelavery Freddie deBoer @ashleyfeinberg @mtracey @mtaibbi Writers who *haven't: @jessesingal , @sullydish , @cwarzel , Graham Linehan, m
  2. ster, 'inside No10', how did we get Brexit done in 2019, the 2019.
  3. Clear instructions about where to ask for help in case of problems; Clearly defined way of receiving advice on handling non-typical needs and requirements; This is a tricky moment for this substack. We go into a lot of details here that people should be aware of. However, they should not always have to care about every single detail, because it.
  4. The Substack thing is both a social signifier - the wrong kind of person writes for Substack, if you're a member of the mainstream media - and an assertion of superiority. Legacy publications carry a sense of prestige with them, and as the traditional media contracts and journalists suffer economically they cling to that prestige as a form of payment to make up for the money they aren't.
  5. What is the problem with ticks? Is it all ticks? Ticks can spread a number of different diseases but by far the biggest concern in terms of numbers is Lyme disease. Lyme is caused by a bacteria, which is spread through the bite of blacklegged ticks (sometimes called deer ticks). The disease causes fever, fatigue and — often but not always — a particular bulls-eye pattern skin rash. It can.
  6. The Problem With Black History Month (In the UK and beyond) J'Nae Phillips. Oct 26, 2020: Share . You're reading J'Nae Writes a newsletter created by yours truly J'Nae Phillips. To get the latest editions delivered straight to your inbox, make sure you subscribe here. Image.

The biggest problem with the Manchin compromise is the inclusion of language mandating voters show identification prior to casting their ballot. It's important to note that voter ID laws serve no purpose other than disenfranchising voters of color and poorer voters. The voter fraud these laws are putatively designed to combat is non-existent. The voter identification provision is a very. Twitter's certainty problem can be amusing at times, such as when a sizable portion of the service's 200 million daily users become 'experts' on the topic of the day, like meme stocks, eclipses, or cicadas. And certainty on its own isn't bad either. But the service's pervasive false assuredness damages our understanding of the world around us, and each other. This, ultimately, is a.

Now, just for the Queenhell fun of it, we're solving a problem every day—and like the famous New York Times crossword, as the week goes on, the problems get harder, juicier, slippier, and knottier. And here's Wednesday's classic: Blindsided & Betrayed . Eugene Delacroix, 1826. Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon Dear E. Jean: My best friend and I have seen each other through bad boyfriends. This is a newsletter about big bets, explored through conversations with the product leaders who worked on them. For this one, I met with Rob to talk about Deliveroo Plus, a big bet that turned into Deliveroo's biggest ever growth lever. Deliveroo is an on-demand food delivery company, which serves more than 6 million customers and has seen revenue growth of an astounding 650% year on year. The problem with automation is that it can divorce understanding the underlying data from the analysis and interpretation of the data. When I query a data warehouse, I'm not familiar with the multitude of pipelines written by unknown engineers that each do very specific transformations on terabytes of data per hour. That always puts me in a very uncomfortable position of not being 100%. Publishers Weekly, Literary Twitter, And The Problem With Online Rampartism A strange and winding tale of a dysfunctional online norm. Jesse Singal: Jul 24, 2020: Share . From time to time I am going to unlock older posts that were originally just for paying subscribers. When I do, I'll create a free clone of them with comments disabled, so as to protect the privacy of paying subscribers who. Dealing with the problem requires that government regulators clamp down on solar. A first step to forestalling disaster, write the HBR authors, may be for solar panel producers to start lobbying for similar legislation in the United States immediately, instead of waiting for solar panels to start clogging landfills.. But that's unlikely since such legislation would significantly.

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  1. The problem with Hancock's announcement was not the 'ambition' nor announcing the change of plan on testing. 1) The announcement on 2/4 had not been prepared, he just blurted it without proper planning and discussion. 2) It was done without agreeing a broader plan for how the capacity would be used and the different demands
  2. Today, let's talk about problems. More precisely, how to approach problems. Over the years I've come to realise that we waste our time worrying about specific problems — how to deliver a project, how to get funding, how to crack an interview — whereas the real problem is we don't know how to think about the problem correctly. As a kid I struggled with chemistry whereas my physics was.
  3. They wished the problem would disappear by magic. And now that we have suffered hundreds of thousands of deaths, many of them preventable if we had followed what the scientists were telling us, these same forces want to attack researchers like Dr. Fauci to paint him as the enemy and distract from their own folly. We can expect that from the supporters of Donald Trump, but the words of Jon.

And that's the core of the problem with YouTube's policy. Official consensus has been frequently laughable in the context of Covid, often with deadly consequences. If ever there was a moment for scientific generalists to help their audience understand the evidence, this is it. Consider this bizarre fact. In Sept. 2020, Politifact fact checked the lab leak hypothesis and declared it a. The second and perhaps more fundamental problem with Substack Pro was that it contravened the company's claims to editorial neutrality. Since launching, Substack has insisted that it is not a.

It still doesn't change the underlying problem, which is that Substack is profiting off hate speech. Substack takes a percentage cut off every transphobic writer I mentioned, whether or not those writers are given advances, and the reason they probably won't commit to moderating this content is that it makes money. If they had a consistent moderation policy that cut off funding to hate. Stop working. Stand in the middle of this crowded room full of chattering people with big hearts and big problems and lazy opposable thumbs dangling off their anxious hands, and FEEL THE LOVE. We're almost done, but there's a denouement, so stick with me: Feeling the love isn't always easy. Yesterday, I moved from the Cut to Substack And I certainly have problems with posting on sites like Facebook which makes advertising money on the back of content creators, which has been my situation for several years. So for those who have enjoyed my posts there, you can also consider these paid subscriptions a form of retroactive support. Play Ball Ok, now that we have that behind us, let's do this. I'm excited and I'm.

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Why Algae Won't Fix Beef's Climate Problem Five Questions with Matthew Hayek and Jan Dutkiewicz on what you missed if you read those stories about feeding methane-reducing seaweed to cows. Jenny Splitter. Mar 29 : 1: Share . My morning routine usually involves coffee and Twitter. I sip and flip, tweeting any coverage of food and farming that catches my eye. Usually I ignore the headline and. The problem has been for 100 years that that statute has collected dust. The US Department of Agriculture has chosen not to properly enforce that. In addition, the Justice Department along with Department of Agriculture has chosen not to properly enforced our antitrust laws. And so that has led us to where we are today, with a disinclination by regulators to actually enforce existing statutes This suggests that founders are either not aware enough or not paranoid enough about the real problems, or simply don't trust the board enough to confide in them. It's important to recognize that board members are not there to sit in judgment of you but rather to collaboratively problem-solve with you. If you're not able to discuss the company's biggest problems with them, you're. The Girl With The Gobs of Money The Not-So-Daily Quagmire Before I was fired from Elle, the Ask E. Jean advice column solved five or six problems each month. Now, just for the Queenhe. Ask E. Jean's Creep of the Week Ask E. Jean is the longest, currently-running advice column in American publishing. To see WHO won Creep of the Week, slide. benn.substack. Subscribe. About; Archive; Help; Log in; Why is self-serve still a problem? We're not going to solve it until we define it. Apr 8: 10: 8 Share . done any day now. In the opening days of 2010, a data scientist—a trendy new title coined months earlier—fired up their state-of-the-art iPod with an antenna, loaded forrester.com over 5 Mbps internet, and read this call to arms.

For Doyle, Substack's response was unsatisfactory, and not enough of a reason for them to stay on the platform. Doesn't seem like much of a story, except that what Doyle is doing, which mirrors what others are doing in the blogging space, is trying to coerce, cajole, threaten, and manipulate online platforms into adhering to social justice ideologies. And Doyle isn't the only one. Disgraced. The Problem with Conscious Capitalism. ESG, SRI and FMF. Unfucking The Republic. May 29: 3: 3: Share . UNFTR COFFEE STORE LAUNCHING JUNE 15, 2021 Preorders available June 1st. Unfucking The Republic. May 26: 9: 7: Share . Cuba (Not So) Libre Vas Bien, Fidel Unfucking The Republic. May 22: 6: Share . May 2021 Quickie: Republican Rehab. No, No, No. Unfucking The Republic. May 15: 5: Share. Overall, the situation is what policy experts call a wicked problem, one that is complex and intractable -- a knotty tangle of Orchard's hoped-for profits, cutting-edge medicine, public funding of scientific research, ethics and the lives of babies born without the ability to stave off even minor infections that could take their lives. The tangle is now coming home to roost at the. A Substack newsletter by Dominic Packer & Jay Van Bavel. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more . The groupthink myth and the real reasons many teams make bad decisions Issue 12: On revisiting the origins of groupthink; debunking the role of groupthink in the UK's pandemic response; how identities affect perceptions of science; and. Bad news coming at you at 100mph all the time is going to cause you problems. You'll be angry at things so far from you. You'll be engaged in weird out of scale problems that you can't control or even contemplate. Even worse than all of this, you'll be entering the world of the journalist. This creature who doesn't want to get a real job and wants to write tall tales.

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One of the problems with comparing quoted prices for different sources of energy is they are priced in different units, which is mostly an accident of history. For example, natural gas is priced in dollars per million British thermal units (BTUs), whereas oil is priced in dollars per barrel (a barrel being 42 gallons), and gasoline is priced in dollars per gallon (a gallon being a gallon. One day I might write a detailed article on the myriad problems with SEC-mandated 13F filings. Nope. Today's rant is just a quick commentary on the state of affairs in our financial media and the investor community at large. And it serves as yet another reminder that there is no substitute for educating yourself and doing your own work. Or just read my stuff. Whatever. Section 13(f) of the. It's Saturday Night, you are remarkably brilliant people, and old E. Jean is turning the 2nd knottiest problem of the week over to the greatest minds on Substack—the fabled Ask E. Jean Conflab. Am I Too Picky? Or, Am I Asexual? Or?? Hey, Firstly I'd like to re-introduce myself, I'm a 27-year old woman, my friends call me [deleted]. I live in [deleted]. I'm a doctor by profession and. A Substack newsletter by BowTiedBarbary. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Daily Degens ft. Puppy Listen now (78 min) | @BowTiedPuppy talks spirituality, sales, fasting, and more! BowTiedBarbary: Share . New Top Community What is BowTiedBarbary Newsletter? About. Daily Degen Dispatch - 001 Stoicism, Meditation, Exercise Plan. In the following document \documentclass{minimal} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{unicode-math} \setmathfont{Cambria Math} \begin{document} \[ \sum_{\substack{a\\b.

Proposing a technological solution to a social problem, such as cancel culture and mass-shaming, is at best tantamount to circumnavigating the underlying problem but most likely is just running away from it and creating new social problems in its stead. The future he is proposing is possible, but is not desirable. The only merit of the idea in my opinion is that it provides the basis for a. When Hamas is not our biggest problem Are we really going to rip this country to shreds without any help from across the border? Daniel Gordis. May 14: 70: Share . The gigantic elevator at Hadassah hospital, usually crammed with people, was empty, my wife told me. But this time, it was just her and an Arab orderly, and as the doors closed and the elevator began its long, slow climb, the. Kasim Reed is a Problem. Former Mayor Kasim Reed just entered the race for mayor, with law and order at the top of the agenda. The irony should be obvious. It's not. That's the George Chidi. Jun 11: 11: Share . A strategic primer on Atlanta's crime problem The initial briefing document from Atlanta's anticrime working group paints a much more detailed picture of crime in the city than we.

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Das Problem ist: Dank Satelliten, Sensoren und zahllosen Wissenschaftler*innen haben wir zwar eine recht gute Datenlage und ein fundiertes Verständnis darüber, was hinsichtlich des Klimawandels akut geschieht. Doch die Daten über seine maßgeblichen Verursacher*innen und derjenigen, die Profit auf Kosten des Ökosystems machen, sind wesentlich schwerer zu ermitteln. So fehlen etwa. Birds love to work at the holistic level, while frogs work at the ground level solving individual problems. People who do both become birdfrog. Einstein was a bird. Curie was a frog. (Bird are those who take view from the top. Frog are those who work at the ground level. Frog does not intend frog in the well. Read the reference for more understanding.) Last year I wrote on how to be impactful. The root problem with police said Media sociology can teach us why reporters rely on police sources and suggest a better path forward. Brian Moritz: Apr 25: Share . On May 26, 2020, the Minneapolis Police Department released this statement: Of course, we all know what happened next. Were it not for the bravery of Darnella Frazier, a 17-year-old who recorded George Floyd's murder by Derek. The Problem at the Pentagon. Domestic terrorism is bad. Its senior enablers in the military are worse. After Donald Trump lost the election, he started to panic. On November 3rd, the election was held, but it was not totally clear that Trump had lost until the networks called the race shortly before noon on the 7th November

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