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Password Thepasswordforyourselectedworker. 3. SelectStoprunningwhentemperatureisover80°C(optional)tostopminingwhenthePCB temperature exceeds80°C. Thisoptionisrecommendedtoprotecttheminerfromdamage.Ifyoudonotselectthisoption,the minerwillcontinuetoworkattemperaturesexceeding80°C. 4. SelectCustomizethefanspeedpercentagetomanuallycontrolthefanspeed 6.3 Modifying Your Password To change your password: 1. In System, click the Administration tab. 2. Set your new password, then click Save & Apply. 6.4 Restoring Initial Settings To restore your initial settings, two methods below for your reference. 1. Turn on the miner and let it run for 5 minutes

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  1. er ssh root password. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next
  2. er S9 is an ASIC
  3. Connect a PSU power cable connector to the AntMiner S9 PCI-e connector on the controller. Connect the network cable to the ETH port. To power up your AntMiner S9, connect the PSUs to the power wall outlet. If you are using more than one PSU,power up the PSU connected to the controller AFTER you have Powered up the other PSU(s)
  4. ers. There are three ways to reset to factory settings: 1. Restore via Reset button. This method can be applied within 10
  5. er S9 SE and S9k; Using the
  6. You know that the passwords were hashed using bcrypt. So you would need to create\buy an ASIC that does the bcrypt hash function. It would be faster at brute force cracking than a regular CPU\GPU. This would still take a very long time. An ASIC powerful enough to crack passwords would be very expensive. I believe the NSA dabbled in this dark art. They likely have machines dedicated to cracking specific hash functions
  7. AntMiner User Manuel | We can obtain easily by searching. For this tutorial, I preferred to use hydra for brute-force attack (Bruteforcing HTTP Digest Authentication) with exposed most common 10.000 passwords. You can also use Burp Suite Intruder too. hydra -l root -P commonPasswords.txt -vV {TARGET} http-get

Log in into the miner. In our case we're using an S9 as an example. The default username is root and the password is also root. You'll be logged in the system overview window. If this is your first time setting up an ASIC don't forget change the password from the default in the Admin tab first ASIC Bitmain Antminer S9 12.5 -22 Th/s versions: s, i\j, k; Overclocking: Added the function of mass password change in the config multiplier. 5) Optimized firmware size. Firmware Antminer s9i/j 3.8.4. Download Now! 1375 Downloads. FIRMWARE RELEASE 3.8.4. For Antiminers S9/i/j. 1) Optimize overall stability. 2) The program code is optimized. 3) Fixed installation and connection to the. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to reset Antminer by taking the S9 as an example. It applies equally to other models of Antminer. There are three ways to reset Antminers. 1. Reset by pressing the reset button on the miner: How-to: After powering on the machine for 2 minutes, press the reset button for 5 seconds, the miner will reset and. The general operation of a password cracker is pretty simple: Load the password hashes into memory. Generate a candidate password. Hash the candidate password. Check the hash against those in memory. Repeat steps 2-4 over and over as fast as possible, outputting results as they are found Besides, this virus was previously found on S9, T9, L3, and similar models. ASICs with firmware that has no signature and the tar vulnerability check , with a standard or simple password, are.

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  1. er s9 è la versione di ASIC della bitmain. Possiede un chip BMI1387 che utilizza una tecnologia a 16nm. Tutti gli Ant
  2. er will extract it and will try to run the file called restoreConfig.sh. I decided to investigate more. First of all, the upgrade.cgi receives a POST response from the user which contains the file name and content of the file. The file will not check the signature (if the uploaded one is a tar, a txt or a pdf), but instead, it will create the file under the /tmp/ directory. The following commands are executed for.
  3. ers had SSH access enabled making it possible to either manually configure the
  4. on Ant
  5. 3. In some cases, the hash rate of the boards drops to 0, in this case, you need to manually reboot s9, disconnect the ASIC from the power supply and pull out all the pins, then insert them back, it solves the problem in most cases. With a 404 error on the main page, pressing CTRL + F5 helps. 4
  6. er S9,S9i,S9j. How to install . ATTENTION: Firmware is working with all Ant
  7. er and ASIC

1.Download the firmware update file cm_2.0: — for Antminer S9, S9i, S9j, S9k : 2. Go to the web interface of the miner, section System -> Upgrade, remove Keep Settings (do not save settings), select the downloaded firmware file (tar.gz), click Flash Image, wait for the update process to complete and restart the miner Antminerの故障箇所特定方法. Antminerに問い合わせたところ. 故障箇所を特定するために、支持された手順を行なっていきます。. 問い合わせは https://www.bitmain.com にログインしてチャットで行いました。. シリアルナンバー(SN No.)を聞かれる場合があるので、事前にメモしておきましょう。. シリアルナンバーの記載場所はASICの上部です。. 問い合わせしてみると. Antminer S9, S9i, S9j; Antminer T9 + Antminer L3 +, L3 ++ Antminer S17, S17 Pro; Antminer S17 + Antminer T17; Antminer T17 + Antminer S9 dual mode (two connected miners, 20-23TH / s, 1500 W) Antminer S17e / T17e will be supported soon ; Key Features of Awesome Miner. Improved hashrate performance - on average, you can expect an increase of 10% for Antminer S9 and 40% for Antminer S17. Supports only selected models: Antminer L3+, L3++, S10 (S9 Dual), S17, S17+, S17E, S17 Pro, T17, T17+, T17E, S9, S9i, S9j and T9+. Hiveon Firmware for other ASIC models like S9k/S9SE are coming soon, so stay tuned! Find out more: Download, FAQ, Step-by-step installation manual for S17/S17 Pro Hive OS Client and Hiveon ASIC Firmware comparison. Model / Feature See miner in Hive OS Control.

Ce tutoriel a été testé sur Antminer S9. Ce tutoriel a été testé sur Antminer L3. Ce tutoriel a été testé sur Antminer D3. Liste de Matériel: La section suivante présente la liste des équipements utilisés pour créer ce tutoriel Linux Ubuntu. Processor. MotherBoard. Hard Drive. Power Supply . Power Cord. Tous les composants matériels répertoriés ci-dessus peuvent être trouvé More than 3 years Vnish team develops the professional firmware for Antminer models. Now we have firmware for Antminer S17e T17e S17+ T17+ S17 S17pro T17 S9 S9i S9j T9+ L3+ L3++. Whatsminer, Innosilicon, Avalon. All vnish firmware has been tested for a long time before being uploaded for download and compared to the stock BITMAIN firmware, has. The AntMiner S9 is Bitmain's newest version in the AntMiner S9 series. It boasts a state-of-the-art BM1387 custom-made chip using 16nm technology. All AntMiner S9s are tested and configured prior to shipping to ensure easy set up. You must provide your own ATX power supply. 1.1 AntMiner S9 Components The AntMiner S9 main components and controller front panel are shown in the following figure. How to reset the Antminer S5. 2. Reset on the miner status page. Click Upgrade —> Perform reset on the configuration page. 3. Reset by pressing the IPReporter button (works for S9, T9, T9+) How-to: Power off the miner, power on the miner and at the same time press IPReporter without releasing, wait for 5 seconds, the miner will restore to. 1. Most mining ASICs are hard-coded to perform sha256 (sha256 (x)) which may as well be a random number with regard to sha256 (x). The only way in which an ASIC would be useful for password cracking is if someone happened to be using sha256 (sha256 (password)) as their scheme, which to my knowledge is not in popular use anywhere. Share

To know how to unlock the Samsung S9 phone forgot password, stay tuned! In the more advanced security and passcode settings, it allows the user to use their fingerprint to secure information on the phone. Samsung S9 has enabled these features to be available to all accounts and the lock screen. The user can set up a password that is unique to the user. In some instances, the user may set a. S7 Antminer Default Password. I forgot my password to my S7 and just factory reset it to change pools. Does anyone know the default username and password for web interface? I know that: The ssh was reset to root/admin. The pools were reset to factory default. root/root does not work when I enter the ip address ie 192.168.1.XXX into the browser CGMiner 4.9.2 is the most popular miner for GPU / FPGA / ASIC. CGminer is an open source GPU miner written in C and available on several platforms such as Windows, Linux, and OS X. One of the things that make it extremely popular is that it is based on the original Cpu code. Miner Tutorials. It's time for me to build my first crypto mining rig. Efficiency between 120AC vs 240AC. Bits Be Trippin | 14x RTX Split rig machine, made up of a mix of RTX 3090, 3070 and 3060Ti's | 1.1GH

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Professional firmware VNISH for overclocking Antminer S9/S17/T17/T9+/L3+. For more than 3 years the VNISH team has been developing firmware for Antminer ASICs. At the moment you can download the firmware for Antminer S17 + T17 + S17 S17pro T17 S9 S9i S9j T9 + L3 + L3 ++. In the process of developing firmware for Antminer S19 T19 S17e T17e S9k. You need to connect your Antminer S9i bitcoin miner to your power supply unit and to your router. Your APW3++ has 10 PCI power connectors. You will need them all. Each of the three hashing boards of your S9 requires 3 such connectors. That's 3X3=9. The tenth plugs into the control board of the S9. All these connectors are highly visible. Custom firmware for Antminer T9 + with a modified kernel from the CRMI team. Up to 14.5 Th / s at a consumption of 1.5 kW / h. Stable, but with devfee Default SSH s and passwords: Antminer - default user: root, default password: admin. Innosilicon - default (ssh/telnet) user:root, default password: blacksheepwall or innot1t2 or t1t2t3a5. If other and password values were set up before you, then reset the ASIC to the factory settings. To do this, on the turned on ASIC, hold the ipreport and reset buttons, hold for 20 seconds, turn. It's possible to SSH into the Antminers (user: root, pass: admin), and as a side note, for security you probably want to change the root password of the boxes in your datacenter. So I thought about installing a SNMP client and using Simple Network Management Protocol to monitor them. But I didn't really want to start messing with the operating system configuration. The Antminer operating.

We are proud to announce the release of custom NiceHash Firmware for the following Antminer ASIC models: S9; S9j; S9i; S17; S17 Pro; S17+ T17, T17+ Custom NiceHash Firmware allows more control over your device and works exclusively with the NiceHash stratum servers. It comes with features like: Increase hashrate up to 85 TH/s on S17 Models! Increase hashrate up to 75 TH/s on T17 Models! Preset. そんなAntminer S9は電力要件が厳しく、以下の特徴を持っています。. 1. 533Wのマイニングボードを3つ搭載 = 1600W = 家庭では無理!. 2. 12cmの6000回転ファンを2つ搭載!. 常時フル回転です!. = 家庭では無理!. !. 3. 室温25度の状態でASICチップが80度になります. Shipments Our current processing time is 4-7 business days. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays will be processed on the next working day. We may need to contact you for address verification. All orders ship from California. All shipping charges are determined by weight. The minimum shipping weight is 1 pound. The shipping price is calculated either by total Continue Readin Bitmain Antminer D3/L3+/S9 - Remote Command Execution. CVE-2018-11220 . remote exploit for Hardware platfor

AntminerのASICはマシンが届いてから180日メーカー保証があることを教えて貰ったので . 早速、Bitmainへ送付する手続きをしたよ. Antminerへ故障したASICパーツ発送する方法. 取り合えず、Antminerのチャットで症状を一通り伝えると、壊れたパーツを送ってくれと言われる。 手順は下記の通り. Create Repair. ATTENTION : Firmware is suitable for all asik Antminer S9, S9i, S9j. MAIN FEATURES: The overall stability. Added choice between full restart of asik and restart only Gmeiner in tune. In addition to automatic inspection system for viruses, Added manual inspection and treatment in the section Security, including a new virus AntBuild Password: 123. After you are ready with the pool settings, press Save&Apply. This saves and applies the settings and also reboots the mining process. 4.) Set up a Luxor User Accounts (Optional) For enhanced security features and to provide you greater control of your mining operations create a User Account with Luxor. With custom payment thresholds and manual payouts, you dictate when you want. 3gp desi miki uehara perfect gangbang to crack her holes. Sign in. NOTICIAS; CABILDO DE OFICIALES; DESDE EL PALQUILLO; ENTRE GUBIAS Y CINCELES ; CAPIROTES DE CARTÓN; IGUALANDO A LA ÚLTIMA; ENCAJES Y ALFILERES; EL CONFESIONARIO; SOL FA; ÚLTIMO TRAMO; Sign in. Welcome! Log into your account. tu nombre de usuario. tu contraseña ¿Olvidaste tu contraseña? Password recovery. Recupera tu.

Hive OS client for ASICs. Contribute to minershive/hiveos-asic development by creating an account on GitHub New Braiins OS and Braiins OS+ Firmware for Antminer S9 ASICs. 31, Mar 2020. There is a new major release of the Braiins OS open source miner firmware for Bitmain's most popular S9 series of ASIC miners available now. In fact there are now two different versions available Braiins OS community edition and Braiins OS+ enterprise edition, both. For Antminer S9, this is currently done using the bitstream provided by the manufacturer, but the goal is to switch to a custom open-source bitstream as soon as possible. All Antminer S9 models (S9, S9i, S9j) are supported, however, the amount of possible variations is rather high, so for this reason it is recommend to test an SD card image first on a single device and once you are confident. Bitmain Antminer S9 Hydro (18Th) Aug 2018. 18 Th/s. 1728 W. 45 db. SHA-256. $4.78 /day. Innosilicon T2 Terminator. May 2018. 17.2 Th/s. 1570 W. 72 db. SHA-256. $4.58 /day. Innosilicon A4 Dominator. Jul 2017. 280 Mh/s. 1050 W. 75 db. Scrypt. $4.35 /day. Bitmain Antminer S9 SE (16Th) Jul 2019. 16 Th/s. 1280 W. 76 db. SHA-256. $4.31 /day. Bitfily Snow Panther B1. Jul 2018. 16 Th/s. 1380 W. 75 db.

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Antminer S9, ultrapassada série de equipamento de mineração em bitcoin, é a grande pedida para esta semana pré-halving da rede Bitcoin (Imagem: Antminer Store) Antminer S9, máquina de mineração da Bitmain , produziu cerca de 23% da produção total de hashes da rede Bitcoin , de acordo com nova pesquisa feita pela Coin Metrics , empresa de análise sobre blockchain Password. Remember Me. Lost Password Register. Cart. Hotline: 480-409-1459 ; Shop By Department. Menu ≡ ╳ Bulk orders Bitcoin miner GPU miners Dogecoin Miners Ethereum Miners AntMiner new Miners Used MIners Pre-Orders Avalon Miner Graphic Cards Baikal miner Siacoin miner Pinidea Miner Dash Miner ASIC Miner Script Miner Litecoin Miners More Categories. Menu ≡ ╳ Home Shop Products Shop. A password will be e-mailed to you. Antminer S19 Pro vs Whatsminer M30S+ (Part 2) - Thermal Image Analysis. BitMEX Research . 18 Aug 2020. Abstract: We provide a follow up to our previous piece, a comparison between the Antminer S19 Pro and the Whatsminer M30S+. We focus on the thermal characteristics of the miners and provide thermal images. The thermal images indicate more clearly that the.

AntMiner S9. 13.5 Th/s; 0.098 W/Gh; 8.1 pounds; Yes; N/A; 0.3603; Avalon6. 3.5 Th/s; 0.29 W/Gh; 9.5 pounds; No; N/A; 0.1232; Transcript - Bitmain Antminer S7 - Bitcoin Mining Hardware Setup. All right, this video has been a long time coming. I got the Antminer S7 batch 1 on right now. Basically the reason it took so long I had to get this. This is a 250-watt outlet. And then you can see I have. Der wohl bekannteste Anbieter ist Bitmain mit seinem Antminer, welchen es in den unterschiedlichsten Varianten gibt. Die neueste Generation, der Antminer S17 Pro Bitcoin Miner, verfügt über eine Hashrate bis zu 62 TH/s und verbraucht mindestens 1296 Watt pro Tag. Der stolze Preis beträgt derzeit 2390 €. Solche Antminer, wurden speziell dafür designt, Bitcoin zu minen und stellen. Прошивка mskminer.com AntMiner S17 / S17+ / S17e / s9 / s9i / s9j / T17 / T17+ / T17e / T9+ / L3+ / L3++ подходит для всех моделей. Первая кастомная прошивка с AsicBoost S9 экономит до 250 Вт в пулах, поддерживающих технологию AsicBoost (slushpool, antpool, emcd.io, btc.com, f2pool и другие)

How to disassemble hash board and controller board from your Antminer S9 Bitcrack bitcoin antminer s9 electrical detail specs . Apple announce updated low-cost iPad and a asic mining solo chances where to buy ripple cryptocurrency in usa benefits for students at Education Event though not much. Amazon Blitzangebote: Compare bitcoin cloud mining providers. Apple confirms a serious problem with the iPhone X — and an unlikely solution. Video yobit btg if i buy. Each AntMiner S9 requires TEN 6-pin PCI-e connectors for 12V DC input (must be very stable power source). There are three hash boards that each require THREE 6-pin PCI-e power connectors and one additional 6-pin PCI-e power connector on the controller. All TEN 6-pin PCI-e power connectors are required. Do not connect more than one PSU to the same hash board to prevent possible damage and. Antminer, Antminer E9, Antminer E9 3Gh, asic mining hardware, bitmain, High Profitable Miners. Bitmain Antminer E9 (3Gh) $ 18,000.00 $ 17,000.00. Add to cart. ASUS, Graphics Cards, NVIDIA Graphics. ASUS GeForce GT 710 2GB GDDR5 HDMI VGA DVI Graphics Card Graphic Cards. $ 190.00 Log in via SMS Log in via account&password. + 86. Get auth cod

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Used BITMAIN Slient BTC Miner Antminer R4 8TH/S Asic Bitcoin BCH Miner Economic Than Antminer S9 S11 S15 S17 T9+ T15 T17.. I first setup that I could from the Linux box to the Antminer S9 without giving a password by generating a public and private RSA key and inserting that key to the miner. Generate a RSA key: ssh-keygen. Push key to Antminer. Replace with the IP address of your Antminer. Root password is admin. ssh-copy-id root@ null

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Antminer S9 Crack Etherum Network. Cryptocurrencies have been making buzz lately due to their predicted rise in value over the coming years. Many people have been investing in them due to their promise of significant profit. However, for those who are new to trading these cryptosystems, it can be quite difficult to determine the right time to buy or sell. This is where etoro comes into play. The Antminer s9 seems to be to only Bitcoin miner still able to create a somewhat positive ROI in today's environment. Many reviews praise the product while others have their doubts. So I decided to sum up all of the pros and cons into one simple review - here it is before you 6 things you need to know before buying an Antminer s9 1. The Antminer s9 the most powerful miner available on. Control Board Program Recovery Tutorial (take S9 series as an example) Bitcoin Mining Guide with Bitmain Antminer S9; BTC Mining Settings; BTC Mining URL; Exchanges Supporting BTC ; Miners Supporting BTC ; BTC Mining Settings Poolin.com August 05, 2020 08:15; Updated; Follow. BTC uses the algorithm of SHA-256 and can be mined using many miners, like Antminer S9i, V9, Innosilicon T2. We will. Setting up your Antminer. Good day folks. Now that you have purchased your Bitcoin Antminer you need to set it up so you can start earning Bitcoins. The first step is that you get a UTP cable or fly lead that you can use to connect the miner to the router that provides internet to your home or office. The Second thing you need is a PC Power.

Reset password . Ok . admin@allminer.ru - Forum - Telegram channel. Статистика и мониторинг майнинг-ригов и ферм . Mining rigs monitoring. Reset password . Ok . admin@allminer.ru - Forum - Telegram channel. Antminer-S9-LPM-20181023.tar.gz was released on 23th of October, 2018 Check what firmware is your Antminer using. You can do this on Overview page 'System->Overview' World's fastest password cracker. World's first and only in-kernel rule engine. Free. Open-Source (MIT License) Multi-OS (Linux, Windows and macOS) Multi-Platform (CPU, GPU, APU, etc., everything that comes with an OpenCL runtime) Multi-Hash (Cracking multiple hashes at the same time) Multi-Devices (Utilizing multiple devices in same system Since the introduction of the Antminer S9, Vnish has become a leading mining software company. We have developed firmware for all popular antminer models and now we have started developing software for such equipment as Whatsminer, Innosilicon and Avalon. More than 1.5 million devices successfully work on our software and we are grateful to you for choosing us. Welcome to the Vnish family Set up the Antminer and power supply on a flat surface. 2. Plug the (2) 6-pin PCI-e cables from the power supply into each of the two white PCI-e power ports mounted on the top sides of the Antminer. You will know they are PCI-e connectors because the connectors are labeled. Plug in your own Ethernet cable that connected to a router or switch. Make sure you hear the clicking sound when you.

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Прошивка для Antminer S9 (разгон до 22 TH/s) ДАННАЯ ПРОШИВКА СОЗДАНА ДЛЯ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ БЕЗОПАСНОГО РАЗГОНА И СНИЖЕНИЯ ПОТРЕБЛЕНИЯ Antminer S9, S9i, S9j (VNISH) Возможность разгона на воздушном охлаждение до 19 TH/s. The Antminer S2 uses the same BM1380 as found in the network dominating S1, but are underclocked to increase power efficiency and allow for higher hash rate density. 10 hashing boards are mounted onto a perpendicular motherboard in a 4U case along with a BeagleBone controller card. S2s are shipped in custom expanded foam moulds and a bubble wrap jacket. A power cable, 19 rack mounting rails.

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Antminer s9 bitmain amd firepro w9100 ethereum mining. Likewise, all moderators of this subreddit follow the Modiquette. Discussion of other currencies should go in their relevant subs. Cryptocurrency mining is making some graphics cards stupidly. Bazelak Full Member Offline Move ethereum from cryptowallet to coinbase binance storj Show only see all. More refinements More refinements We. 120 Free Airport WiFi Passwords From Around The World. 4 Ways To Boost And Optimize Wireless WiFi Signal Strength And Speed . 6 Virtual SIM Phone Number App For iOS And Android Smartphones. 6 Best VPN for Gaming - No Lags, 0% Packet Loss and Reduce Ping ms. 7 Free Apps To Find, Spy And Track Stolen Android Smartphone. 10 Best Free WordPress Hosting With Own Domain And Secure Security. 10 GPS. 概要 AntminerのS9を触る機会があったので、設定方法などまとめたいと思います。 デバイス関連 S9 1500Wの電源ユニット イーサネットケーブル 変圧器(100V→220V) 電源ユニットコネクタ 接続方..

Sale. Available on backorder. Bitcoin miners. Bitmain Antminer S19j (100Th/s) Bitcoin miner. € 7.300,00. Bitmain Antminer S19j Bitcoin miner that can produce at ( 100 Th) hash rate with about 3100 Watt power consumption. This is a Pre-order with GUARANTEED DELIVERY, PRICE PROTECTION FROM BITMAIN, FREE SHIPPING and THE BEST PRICE ON THE MARKET. Antpool, the advanced bitcoin mining pool on the plane Hallo, Verkaufe hier einen gebrauchten S9 Antminer mit 13.5TH/s! Miner war 1 Monat in betrieb Details & Fragen P

Buy with discount price http://www.antminer-s9.com/ brand new product direct from china with over night delivery antminer s9 for sale only $.. Pass a short registration. Buy LTC with bank card. Litecoin (LTC) is the younger brother of the famous Bitcoin with some distinctive features. It was forked from Bitcoin Core with lower block generation time. To join the pool, setup your ASIC miners with the following settings: Litecoin blockchain consensus is achieved with Scrypt, a Proof-of-Work hashing algorithm. Despite the fact that. Our build is ready, Cgminer 4.9.2 is running stable since 20th June with extra nonce support. One of our Antminer S7 is running on it, check here: MinToRRo Antminer S7: Details on NiceHash (see details) check if xnsub enabled (algo:1) _____ ____

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Antminer E3 is an Ethash algorithm mining equipment manufactured by BitMain. It is able to mine Ethereum (ETH) with a maximum hashrate of 190,000,000 H/s for a power consumption of 760W. The price is USD 1262, power supply is not a part of the E3 Miner Antminer New Or Used Bitmain Antminer S9 S9i S9j 13.5Th 14Th 14.5Th Bitcoin BTC Miner. US $45.00-$78.00 / Unit. 2 Units (Min. Order) 4 YRS NINGBO SKYCORP EP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 87.1% . 4.6 (18) Contact Supplier. Ad. Miner Innosilicon A10 Price New Model ETH Miner A10pro Innosilicon A10 Pro 1300W 720Mh/s. US $7329-$7399 / Set. 1 Set (Min. Order) 3 YRS Ningbo Dcloud Information Technology.

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antminer s9 manual - hashcube the antminer s9 is bitmain's newest version in the antminer s9 serie C Programming & Linux Projects for $10 - $30. I need someone to remove the developer fee in the antMiner S9 firmware I am using,.. Bitmain Antminer S9 (12.5-13-13.5-14Th/s) Bitmain Antminer S9i (14-14.5TH/s) Bitmain Antminer S9j (14-14.5TH/s) For all S9 model with Xilinx CPU control board. Not support C5 control board. Antminer aiscfw51v29s9ij.tar.gz New versions 5.1 rc29 user:root password:root No SSH Verkaufe einen Antminer S9, er war ca 1 Monat im gebrauch. Dezember Batch Abholung in 3100 Österreich Bei weiteren Fragen PN. Start angebote bitte a

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antminer s5 password reset. antminer s5 power consumption. antminer s5 instructions. antminer. antminer s9. antminer z15. antminer19. antminer s19. antminer d3. antminer l3 . antminer s9 profitability. antminer ip finder. antminer s19 pro. antminer s11. antminer z11. antminer k5. antminer profitability. antminer b7. antminer e9. antminer z9. antminer e3. antminer d3 19.3 gh/s profitability. *Mentioned income can not be treated as an official offer, pledge or commitment. Mentioned amount is based on approximate calculations due level of mining market indicators for the past 3 months and stated for the purposes of displaying approximate efficiency

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