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Faculties Aerospace Engineering Architecture and Town Planning Biology Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology and Food Engineering Computer Science Education in Science and Technology Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering and Management Materials Science & Engineering Mathematics Mechanical.

Dean's Office: +972-4-829-2079 Graduates: +972-4-829-3189 Undergraduates: +972-4-829-206 Faculties in the Graduate School. Faculties Syllabi Advisors Telephone Faculty website; Aerospace Engineering: Syllabi: Advisors: 04-8293365: Faculty Website: Applied Mathematics: Syllabi : Advisors: 04-8294281: Faculty Website: Applied Sciences(This program is offered in the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in NYC) Syllabi: Advisors: 972-77-887-1941: Faculty Website: Architecture and Town. © The Technion Department of Physics. Back to Top. Find us o

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The faculty, the technical staff, and the undergraduates and graduates students are among the best that can be found in a top ranked institution anywhere in the world. Prof. Rafael Reif. President of MIT, Chairman of the International Review Committee of the Department READ MORE. News. 2 New members in the Israeli Young Academy . 2 New members in the Israeli Young Academy. A new breakthrough. Professor Oded Rabinovitch Senior Executive Vice President (SVPR) Professor in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering The Abel Wolman Chair in Civil Engineering CONTACT US T: 972-4-8292593 / 3540 F: 972-4-8292233 svpr@technion.ac.il Name Tel Fax E-mail Office of the Senior Executive Vice President Michal Fima, Head Office 972-4-8292593 972-4-8293540 972-4-8292233 michalfi@technion. When calling from outside the Technion, please dial 077-887-xxxx. Faculty | Secondary-Appointment Faculty | Visiting Professors | Distinguished Visiting Professors | Emeritus Faculty | In Memoriam | Visitors | Postdoctoral Fellows | Research Associates | Adjunct Teachers | Volunteers | Faculty. Nir Ailon. Associate Professor. Counselor for students for CS and Mathematics track. Office: 607.

The EU has allocated millions of euros to three multinational research teams that include researchers from the Technion Faculties of Biotechnology and Food Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. These researchers are participating in EIT-FOOD projects with cumulative budgets of more than €2.25 million, supported by grants of the EU Faculty Members. List View. Ron Aharoni Professor Amado 600 04-829-4178 ra@technion.ac.il. Research Interests: Finite and infinite combinatorics Homepage/Publications. Eli Aljadeff Professor Amado 624 04-829-4284 aljadeff@technion.ac.il. Research Interests: Algebra, Homological algebra Homepage/Publications. Ram Band Associate Professor Amado 629 077-887-1733 ramband@technion.ac.il. Research. 1958. The Faculty was Founded. 3. Under Graduate Programs. News view All News. 11.05.21 Fintech Hackathon First Prize Winners!!! read more. 04.05.21 The Council for Higher Education has granted the Technion a permanent certification to award a degree in Data Science and Engineering. read more

Faculty - Technion International oversees all of the Technion's international academic programs, and supports its international initiatives and academic agreements with its foreign partners worldwide This is exactly what Technion M.Sc. student Lihi Amit set out to achieve, under the supervision of Technion Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Professor Matthew Suss from The Nancy and Stephen Grand Technion Energy Program, and working together with Danny Naar, Dr. Robert Gloukhovski, in collaboration with Dr. Gerardo Jose la O' from Primus Power Inc

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  1. Associate Professor Miri Barak. Vice Dean for Graduate Studies. Phone: 04-8293883. Email: bmiriam@technion.ac.il. Office: 246. Miri Barak is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education in Science and Technology, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. She is the Head of the Science and Learning Technologies..
  2. The Department of Physics at Technion seeks to educate the next generation of scientists and to equip them with skills to explore and to better understand the physical world. Our department is at the forefront of contemporary research in a wide range of fields in physics. In addition, the Physics Department operates a number of centers for interdisciplinary research, that facilitate.
  3. Contact Us. Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Sara & Moshe Zisapel nanoelectronics center, Technion City, Haifa 32000, Israe
  4. imum of three and maximum of five courses at Technion (15 credit points). Additional courses for International Students, offered by the different faculties at Technion: Environment and Innovation Semester for students majoring in Environmental Studies

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The Technion Faculty Association. M4 (Engineers, Microbiologists , Humanities and Social Science Academics and Research) Union. Administrative Staff Union. Handesaim Union. Technion Teaching Staff Organization. Technion Pensioners Association The faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion is the sole source of aerospace engineers in Israel. The faculty members conduct research and teach a wide range of aerospace disciplines. The Aerospace Research Center consists of several advanced research laboratories. The Technion Faculty of Electrical Engineering is an academic faculty of the Technion founded in 1947 before the State of Israel which focuses on the training of electrical engineers and computer engineers in various disciplines including CAD, VLSI, Image processing, Signal processing, Solid-state electronics, communication systems, integrated circuits, Parallel computing and systems, and. The Faculty of Chemistry is a vibrant academic unit. The Chemistry building,with dynamic research and teaching programs, active faculty members and modern research laboratories and facilities. It spans the full spectrum of disciplines within chemistry - physical, analytical, inorganic, organic, biochemical and theoretical - and overlaps the associated fields of physics, materials sciences. The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion has the distinction of being the first such faculty in Israel to grant graduate degrees (since 1968) and undergraduate degrees (since 1999). Read more. × . News and Events. New methodology creates tissue flaps of live bone supported by vascularized soft tissue. Virtual meeting for those interested in MSc/ME in Biomedical Engineering at the.

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Part of Israeli Industry. Faculty members are cooperating with the local industry on various levels. This cooperation can take different forms, such as direct funding of research by partners in the industry, government funding of joint projects between academic researchers and industry, start-up companies in which academic staff is involved, consulting services provided to industry, patent. Meni Orenbach (EE, Technion) ceClub: Operating Systems Abstractions for Trusted Execution Environments 23.6.2021, 11:30 Alon Stern, Ph.D. Thesis Seminar Inferring Mitochondrial and Cytosolic Metabolism by Coupling Isotope Tracing and... 15.7.2021, 11:0

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Welcome to the Chemical Engineering faculty. The heart of Chemical Engineering is change. Chemical Engineering is involved in structure and changes of materials in order to arrive at useful or valuable insights about characteristics or actions. In the processes required to reach this objective, knowledge from a broad range of scientific and engineering fields is exploited. The chemical. 31/05/2021 - 04/06/2021 Conference Challenges in probability and statistical mechanics 31/05/2021, Monday, 09:30 - 04/06/2021, Friday, 13:00 Amado 232, Technion CMS Mathematics for Yout A Collaborative Symposium of the Urban Tech Hub at Cornell Tech, Cornell University, and the Technion's Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning . 09/06/2021 . 15:30:00 . Tomer Fishman: Socioeconomic metabolism - the weight of the city and how its materials mediate societal function and environmental impacts . Faculty Colloquium . 07/06/2021 . 14:30:00 . Jonathan Dortheimer: Towards the.

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Researches at the Technion approach the study of brain and mind through a merging of neuroscience, cognitive science and engineering. Organisms acting in the real world achieve unprecedented levels of performance in many complex tasks using multi-level modular networks of slow, noisy, and highly variable elements, interacting through continually changing communication channels Faculty Dov Levine : Faculty : Email: levine@technion.ac.il: Topic: Biophysics & Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics : Office: Lidow Complex : Room:329 : Phone:04-829-3682 : Research Interests & Publications: soft condensed matter, statistical mechanics out of equilibrium. TECHNION. Technion site Libraries Academic Calendar Phone Directory Technion Portal Technion Mail Interface. FACULTY. Research Interests & Publications: Field of interest: Astrophysics and planetary science My main work deals with stellar and planetary dynamics. I study planet formation and try to understand the origin and evolution of the Solar system and of exoplanet systems, including the origin of moons (iEarth Moon and gas-giant moons) Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Technion. Surname Name Job title Sphere Inner tel. Room No. Email Abed el Maji (Click for all words.) 69 Sackler Faculty 61 Hadassah Hebrew University 61 #:#-# [001] 61 Technion 59 Technion Israel 58 #:#-# [035] 57 Article PubMed ISI ChemPort 57 Weizmann Institute 57 Rambam Medical Center 56 Ph.D. Associate Professor 56 Stritch School 56 Author Affiliations Department 56 #:#-# [033] 56 #:#-# [003] 56 Microbiology.

About ten years ago, the Technion management decided to establish strong and leading Life Science activities on the Technion campus by upgrading the Faculty of Biology to serve as the focal point for research into modern Life Sciences and teaching efforts. One of the tools for implementing this decision was the establishment of the of the Lorry I Lokey Center for Life Sciences and Engineering. The academic backing of the Technion allowed the Faculty of Medicine to expand and to develop a comprehensive pre-clinical and clinical curriculum for a complete six-year medical education program. The first class to enter this six-year program was admitted in 1973. The growing Faculty of Medicine needed permanent modern housing. The late Mr. Bruce Rappaport (1922-2010) and his wife Ruth.

Technion American Medical School. The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine 1 Efron St. Bat Galim, Haifa 3525433, Israel Telephone: 972-4-829-5475 | Fax: 972-4-829-5479 mdteams@technion.ac.i Faculty movie. Seminar by Avital Reizman. 23.6.2021 | 13:30. Seminar by Avital Reizman on: Dynamic coating of one liquid by another by employing the Acoustowetting phenomenon. Lecture Hall No. 6, Chemical Engineering. Contact Us. Dean's Office: +972-4-829-2820. Technion mandates that all BSc students successfully complete a 4.5-month preparatory program. During this period, students complete a boot-camp in mathematics and physics, learn basic Hebrew, and learn helpful study skills. The program also provides students with individual tutors, extra classes, and counseling, as needed. A list of the Preparatory Semester courses can be found here

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Prof. Nir Tessler, Technion Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Prof. Gadi Schuster, Technion Faculty of Biology. Prof. Avner Rothschild, Technion Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering; Prof. Lilac Amirav, Technion Schulich Faculty of Chemistry; Prof. David Greenblatt, Technion Faculty of Mechanical Engineering . Technion faculties involved with GTEP. Wikimania 2011: view from the. About the Faculty. The Henry and Marilyn Taub Faculty of Computer Science is the second largest academic unit in the Technion, with approximately 1,800 undergraduate students (about one-fifth of the total number of Technion students) and over 300 graduate students. It comprises over 50 Faculty members of international repute with expertise in a.

The faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion, established in 1954, is the sole source of aerospace engineers in Israel. The faculty members conduct research and teach a wide range of aerospace disciplines. The Aerospace Research Center consists of the Aerodynamics (wind tunnels) Laboratory, the Aerospace Structures Laboratory, the Combustion and Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, the Turbo. Inter Departmental Equipment Technion Medicine Faculty 0; LS&E Infrastructure Unit 0; Messages from Orita. On May 10th there will be scheduled electric-company work in the campus and possible electric spikes. Most Faculty equipment will remain operable. In case you see disconnected equipment Please do not plug it back to electric sockets. Posted on 20/07/2020 09/05/2021. Proudly powered by.

The Henry and Marilyn Taub Faculty of Computer Science is one of the Technion's largest academic units, with over 1800 undergraduate students, over 300 graduate students, and over 50 faculty members of international repute in all computer science areas.According to reports of international Review Committees in the years 2018, 2008 and 2000, the Computer Science Faculty is a world-leading. The Technion Faculty Association. The Technion Faculty Association is a representative organization for Technion Professors and Lecturers, aiming to define and establish the terms and conditions of employment for the employees. For useful information for employees of rank Lecturer and above such as social activities, restaurant services, coupons and discounts, complementary health.

A natural advantage of studying mathematics at the Technion stems from the fact that, as an academic institution, The Technion is entirely devoted to research in science and engineering. This means that our graduate students are exposed to courses and joint programs with other scientific and engineering faculties, creating a cross-fertilization process and collaboration between different. Research Labs (in alphabetical order) of Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering at the technion

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  1. The Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion was founded in 1969 and is one of the leaders in its field, both locally and globally. The Faculty comprises over 50 faculty members of international repute, whose fields of research cover virtually the entire spectrum of computer science, in quite a few instances reaching into the fields of mathematics, physics, engineering, and medicine.
  2. The Technion Statistics Laboratory operates within the Technion Research and Development Foundation Ltd and is located in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management. Staffed by PhD level statisticians and headed by Professor Paul D. Feigin, the laboratory provides high level statistical consulting and analysis services for researchers, both faculty and students, both inside and.
  3. e the need for a food technology department. The council, headed by Dr. Joseph Braverman, who at the time was serving as Scientific Attaché to the Israeli Embassy in London, recommended establishing an independent unit. Thus, in 1954 a unit was established under.
  4. Visiting Faculty: Amado dhaile@technion.ac.il: Chaya Keller Visiting Faculty: Amado 510 04-829-2124 chayak@technion.ac.il: Roman Polyak Visiting Faculty: Amado 602 04-829-4080 rpolyak@technion.ac.il: Daniel Reem: Amado 807 dream@technion.ac.il: Claude Schochet Visiting Faculty: Amado 905 04-829-4091 schocht@technion.ac.il : Feature Events. 26/06-01/07, 2022. In honour of Paul S. Muhly, for his.
  5. The studies and research will be performed at any Faculty of the Technion. In accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School, a student will be able to apply for transfer to the direct track leading to a PhD Degree. Upon admission to the program, students are required to take a two year break from their Medicine studies (the one year break from the MSc program is included). More.
  6. In 1969, Technion established the Faculty of Medicine, one of the few medical schools worldwide to be affiliated with an institute of technology. The 1970s in Israel were marked by extremes - from the trauma and tragedy of the Yom Kippur War to the optimism and hope of Israel's peace agreement with Egypt

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Technion - The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine added a new photo to the album: Welcome TeAMS Class of 2024! April 17 at 1:34 PM ·. Join us in welcoming Zachary Bitan from Hong Kong! I love that Technion has small class sizes and offers many research opportunities. I chose medicine because I have always had a passion for. The Faculty of Physics today maintains a vigorous research program in all the major fields of Physics, including Astrophysics, High Energy Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Biophysics. As in the days of Tcherniavsky, the Faculty of Physics continues to be responsible for teaching physics to all Technion students

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VISION2020 | Technion Board of Governors ----- MEET BRILLIANT TECHNION RESEARCHERS IN THEIR LABS: Prof. Ido Kaminer Andrew and Erna Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering Prof. Naama Geva-Zatorsky Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine ----- LIVE STUDENT PANEL: OPERATION COVID-19 ----- SCIENCE AND ETHICS DURING CORONA TIMES: NEW-OLD CHALLENGES Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover Ruth and. Technion Library Course Materials - A special collection is available, where you can find more study materials such as course exercises, exams, lectures and more ‎הפקולטה לביולוגיה בטכניון Technion Faculty of Biology‎, ‎חיפה‎. 821 likes · 42 talking about this. Welcome to the TECHNION - FACULTY OF BIOLOGY official page on Faceboo The Physics Faculty was founded as a Physics Section in 1951, and became a Faculty of Physics in 1957. Since then it has awarded some 2100 degree, of them 400 MSc and 220 PhD degrees. Many of the graduates occupy key positions in academy and high-tech industries both in Israel and abroad. Today we have about 600 undergraduate students, 120 MSc students and 60 PhD students. The faculty.

ammua@campus.technion.ac.il: Edgar Bering Post-Doctoral Fellow: Amado 713 04-829-2884 bering@campus.technion.ac.il: Joseph Briggs Post-Doctoral Fellow: Amado 622 04-829-4270 briggs@campus.technion.ac.il: Philippe Charron Post-Doctoral Fellow: Amado 631 04-829-2896 philippe.ch@campus.technion.ac.il: Renu Chaudhary Post-Doctoral Fellow: Amado 731. She obtained her Ph.D. degree from the faculty of Medicine in the Technion, under the supervision of Prof. Eli Sprecher, focusing on the genetic basis of cornification disorders. Her post-doctoral fellowship was pursued in the lab of Prof. Gera Neufeld, in the faculty of Medicine, Technion, focusing on the role of LOXL2 gene in induced inhibition of keratinocyte differentiation. Jennie also. Speaker: Mark Shusterman (Harvard University) Date & Place: Monday, 21 June 2021 15:30 - 16:30, Technion, Amado 232. Link to full event description. Full Calendar of Events. June 2021. Sun The two institutions have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in Sao Paulo, Brazil, establishing a three-year collaboration between the Technion's Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. The MOU will support student exchange, clinical trials, and collaborative research projects between the two institutions Immunology - Technion Medicine. Home > Immunology. The immune system is one of the major life-sustaining systems in advanced organisms, employing dozens if not hundreds of distinct cell types and molecules to orchestrate layers of defense mechanisms. Its basic function is distinguishing self from foe while selectively attacking invading.

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The Technion Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is a division of the Technion that conduct research and teaches a wide range of aerospace disciplines. The faculty was founded in 1954. History. The early 1950s sought a need for a center of aeronautical research. Asher Space Research Institute Technion city, Haifa, 32000, Israel Phone: (972)-4-829-30-2

Website: oshalit.net.technion.ac.il Functional analysis (mostly operator theory and operator algebras); spaces and algebras of holomorphic functions Continue Reading Shalit, Orr Shapira, Ur Faculty movie. Mechanical Engineering at Technion - your way to research, development and advanced industry. Come and meet us, hear about our unique studying programs, and learn more about our advanced research, labs, and the broad education we offer Tenure-track faculty position in Chemical Engineering The Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (https://chemeng.technion.ac.il) is pleased to invite applications for a tenure-track faculty position in chemical engineering at all ranks. Candidates must have a record of excellence in scientific research and a commitment to teaching and student. 04-8293033. Microplate spectrophotometer Eon - BioTek. Absorbance microplate reader under temperature control at selected wavelength (200-999 nm) 2-233. Prof Kashi Yechezkel. kashi@technion.ac.il. 04-8293074. Microplate reader Synergy - BioTek. Absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence measurements in microplate

25/08/2020 PhD Seminar On positive solutions and families of optimal Hardy-weights for elliptic operators Idan Versano 25/08/2020, Tuesday, 14:30 Zoom meeting, Technion Faculty Activities Center for Mathematical Sciences Activitie Das Technion (hebräisch הטכניון - מכון טכנולוגי לישראל, ha'technion - machon technologi le'israel; arabisch التخنيون; englisch Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, zunächst als Technikum bezeichnet) ist die Technische Universität Israels und hat seinen Sitz in Haifa.Das Technion wurde im Jahr 1912 gegründet und gilt somit noch vor der.

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Position the Faculty as the national center for research & development and human resources for the sustainable development of the national infrastructure of Israel. Our Mission: To develop cutting edge technologies and skilled professionals for national infrastructure planning and construction and be pro-active in leading the implementation of state-of-the-art know-how in the massive national. The core of the GameTheory@Technion group consists of over 10 full time researchers from various faculties (Math, EE, CS, and IE&M) with interest in both theory and experimentation. In addition the group consists of visitors, post-docs and graduate students. Research and faculty members . Search for: Proudly powered by WordPress. Maps, Directions & Contacts. + Faculty and Administration. Faculty & Adjunct. Senior Management. Laboratory engineers, technical and administrative staff. Grad Students. Distinguished Fellows. Research Associates (post docs) Full Phonebook Technion International. The prestigious Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering is taught entirely in English at Technion's Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The faculty is internationally recognized for its leadership in research, education, and innovation. Students are taught by senior academic faculty, scientists, and. Biomechanics Lab. Founded in 2006 by Prof. Alon Wolf, BRML, is located at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. The scope of work done in the BRML provides the framework for fundamental theories in kinematics and Biomechanics, with applications in Gait Analysis, Rehabilitation, and Robotics

Faculty of Biology. The Faculty of Biology offers programs leading to Master and Doctor degrees. Research and Study Areas: Molecular genetics of development and cancer. Genetic engineering of plants and animal cells. Microbial and phage genetics. Physiology and biochemistry of plants. Membrane biochemistry, ion transport and signal transduction The Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

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  1. Email: soker@physics.technion.ac.il Homepage: https://phsites.technion.ac.il/soker/ Office: 602 Telephone: 3858. Many of the research topics of Noam Soker deal with binary interaction, from massive stars to interaction with planets. Among his colleagues, Noam Soker is known to be addicted to angular momentum conservation, and hence his.
  2. ar Design for inference in biology and the power of random experiments as a Lokey distinguished speaker on: Sunday, December 29 @ 13:00 (Faculty of Biotechnology & Food Eng., Auditorium
  3. The diversity of labs linked below enables students and faculty to achieve high expressivity. Projects in the labs are either driven by the research interest of the faculty, or by industrial collaborations. CBL. Computational Biology Laboratory. Established in 1996, the CBL comprises several faculty members from Computer Science and Biology Departments and their graduate students (some of them.
  4. istrative research assistant: grinfeld.shi@int.technion.ac.il: Silver 328: 077-8774133: Gefen-Magiura Kari
  5. istration; Faculty Video; ME Magazine; Spotlight; Events; Events Gallery; Undergraduate . Undergraduate Studies; Our Studies. List of courses in the Faculty ; Areas of Undergraduate Studies; Study Material; Excellence Programs Brakim excellence program; Reamim - Research and Development; Leumi Robotics Center. RoboTraffic; 3rd Leumi Robotics.
  6. Headed by Prof. Izhak Bucher, located at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion, Israel. The Laboratory investigates Dynamics and vibrations in mechanical systems, including near-field acoustic levitation, standing-wave acoustic levitation, parametric amplification, fast rotating machines, fluid-structure interaction, mechatronics and more

1986 - B.Sc., Computer Engineering, Faculty of EE, Technion - I.I.T. 1987 - M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA; 1990 - Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA ; Research Interests. Robot vehicles: navigating an experimental mobile robot to a goal while avoiding collision with obstacles, while information is gathered on-line using. The company will also support all Technion faculties and provide software products, scholarships and incentives to students and researchers, initiate hackathons and competitions, and be actively involved in educational programs. PTC will invest several million shekels in set-up, and then several tens of millions of additional shekels each year. The process of PTC's partnering with the. Technion Canada was founded in 1943 by a small informal group of young engineers and architects who began by sending technical books to Technion. Today, Technion Canada is enabling Canadians to participate in creating a better world by promoting Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and contributing to the growth of the University's diverse students, faculty and innovative environment Academics. Undergraduate Studies. BSc - Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. MD and BSc - Dual Degree in Biomedical Engineering and Medicine. BSc - Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Graduate Studies. MSc - Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering. ME - Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering Faculty Positions in Engineering and Technology. Technion China. China. Area: Mechanical Engineering Program and Centers for Robotics, Sustainable World, Science & Engineering in Health & Medicine. Guangdong Province, China gtiit.edu.cn/en. GTIIT follows the academic model of the Technion campus in Haifa, Israel

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The research in our group is focused on the rational design of new corrole complexes for multiple purposes. After tuning their chemical and photophysical properties by selective synthesis protocols that we devise, the corrole derivatives are introduced as key elements for a variety of applications: catalysis, small molecule activation, catalytic oxidation/reduction of water, drug development. Tell us a little about the teaching and research infrastructure—of the Technion as a whole, not just the faculty. Research students at the Technion are given a real opportunity to enter the world of research and examine the option of pursuing an academic career. In most cases, research students receive a scholarship from the Technion which enables them not to have to work outside of academia. Molecular Endocrinology & Epigenetics Laboratory at the Technion Faculty of Biology. Menu Main menu. Home; Research; Publications; People; Contact; In the news; Lab life; Home. Our Interests Include: How chromatin organization dictates distinct modes of regulation and expression of the gonadotopin genes; Novel functions for transcriptional enhancers and their lncRNAs in cell-specific and. Faculty Logo. Logo Download Formats. EPS file; PNG file; EPS file; PNG file; EPS file; PNG file; EPS file; PNG file; EPS file; PNG file; EPS file; PNG file; EPS file; PNG file; EPS file; PNG file; לשכת הדיקן: +972 4 829 4261. לימודי הסמכה והרשמה: +972 4 829 4316/4344/2206 . לימודי תארים מתקדמים: +972 4 829 4226. קשרי חוץ: +972 4 829 4345. 2014 - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Technion. 2012-2014 - Research fellow in National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health. 2007-2012 - Visiting fellow in National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health. 2006 - Research scholar in Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University Am Technion - Israel Institute of Technology- in Haifa stehen jährlich drei Austauschstudienplätze (Semester oder Jahr) zur Verfügung.. An Israels ältester Hochschule sind ungefähr 14.500 Studierende eingeschrieben.. Die Schwerpunkte in Forschung und Lehre liegen auf den Ingenieurs- und Naturwissenschaften, aber auch Architektur und Geisteswissenschaften werden angeboten

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